Sankashti Chaturthi dates 2015

The Sankashti Chaturthi is being devoted to the Lord Ganesha and on this day fasts are being kept in order to remove all the obstacles and hurdles from the life. The Lord Ganesha removes all the problems of the life and provides the prosperity so that one can attain peace and harmony in their life. The Sankashti Chaturthi falls in the month of Magha and when it falls on the day of Tuesday it is referred to as Angarika Chaturthi. This day is considered to be more auspicious in the life of an individual as Lord transmits its power to their devotees.

On this day the fasts is being kept from the sunrise to the sunset and after sighting the Moon only one should break their fast and should consume the Sabudana Khichadi or the curd rice. The idol of the Lord should be kept after sighting the Moon and then the aarti should be performed so that the Lord Ganesha can give his blessings to the Lord. The Sankashti Chaturthi is being observed every month and there is a particular time for the aarti for every month. The date and time for the Sankashti Chaturthi for every month is given as below:

  1. Date: 8th January 2015, Time: 08:57 P.M. Day: Thursday.
  2. Date: 7th February 2015, Time: 09:16 P.M. Day: Saturday.
  3. Date: 9th March 2015, Time: 09:39 P.M. Day: Monday.
  4. Date: 8th April 2015, Time: 10:10 P.M. Day: Wednesday.
  5. Date: 7th May 2015, Time: 09:45 P.M. Day: Thursday.
  6. Date: 5th June 2015, Time: 09:36 P.M. Day: Friday.
  7. Date: 5th July 2015, Time: 10:01 P.M. Day: Sunday.
  8. Date: 3rd August 2015, Time: 09:29 P.M. Day: Monday.
  9. Date: 1st September 2015, Time: 08:55 P.M. Day: Tuesday Chaturthi: Angarak.
  10. Date: 1st October 2015, Time: 09:13 P.M. Day: Thursday.
  11. Date: 30th October 2015, Time: 08:47 P.M. Day: Friday.
  12. Date: 29th November 2015, Time: 09:19 P.M. Day: Sunday.
  13. Date: 28th December 2015, Time: 08:54 P.M. Day: Monday.

All these days falls on the 4th day of the Krishna Paksha and people celebrate this day with full devotion and dedication.

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Created: Thursday, January 29 2015
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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