Ratha Saptami 2015

In the year of 2015 the Ratha Saptami will be celebrated on 26th January i.e. on the day of Monday. The Ratha Saptami is being dedicated to the Lord Surya i.e. to the lord Sun. According to the Hindu tradition, it is believed that the Lord Sun rides the chariot which is driven by the seven horses. This form of Lord Sun pratima is worshipped on the Rathasaptami puja festival. This festival is given more importance in the Tirumala Tirupati Balaji Temple. It is believed, that on this day the earth inclination towards the sun is steeper.

The Ratha Saptami is generally being observed in the Magh month on the seventh day of Shukla Paksha i.e. the waxing phase of the moon. This festival generally comes in the month of January or February according to the Hindu Lunar Calendar. This festival generally keeps the importance for the people living in the area of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. In the region of Orissa people celebrate this day with the name of Magha Saptami. While in the other regions of India people celebrate this day as Surya Jayanti. They consider this day as the birthday of Lord Sun.

At various place people draw the rangoli of Lord Sun riding on the chariot. This rangoli is generally drawn at the main entrance of the home so that when the sun rises the shining of the Sun should fall on the rangoli first. This brings the happiness and peace in the life of an individual. Some of the people also boil the milk in the earthen vessel on this day in order to get the maximum benefits from the lord Sun. The other important ritual that is performed on this day is taking bath in the Erukku leaves. This tradition is generally followed in the region of Tamil Nadu. All the rituals that are being followed differ from region to region.

It is generally being believed that one should take the bath during the Arunodaya. The bath taken on this day is considered to be one of most auspicious activity. The period of Arunodaya prevails for four Ghatis before the sunrise. Therefore the bath taken before the sunrise during Arunodaya keeps the individual free from all types of disease and the alignments. Once the bath is taken one should worship the Lord Sun during the sunrise. Arghyadan is being performed slowly by offering water to Lord Sun from the Kalash and then the Namaskar should be done to the Lord Surya. Afterwards, the Deepak should be lit and it should be of pure ghee and then the Kapoor will be lit and the red flowers are being offered. The Dhyan should also be performed to the Lord Sun so that you can attain peace, good health and prosperity. The health will also be maintained in a proper condition as the Lord Sun will keep all the diseases away from you. You need to do the prayer with full dedication and devotion.

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Created: Tuesday, January 20 2015
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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