Rahu Transit 2014 Horoscope

The planet Rahu will transit from the zodiac sign Libra to Virgo on 12 July, 2014. This transition is also known as Rahu Peyarchi 2014. The planet Rahu represents the air element of the body. It is also considered to be as the signification of studies and powers. People afflicted with Rahu or have weak Rahu in their birth charts will suffer from a great loss and damage and troubles. The sectors that will be affected greatly are speculation, gambling, internet, business or lottery. Out of the nine planets Rahu is considered to be one of the most powerful planet as it can make someone very rich or someone very poor.

Rahu Transit for Aries

Rahu is in favour of you this year and you will observe success in all the spheres of life. Financial status will be improved and the business growth will see the heights of success. Profitable deals are also likely to come to you. Hard work will be appreciated and you will win over the competitors. The harmony and peace will be maintained in the house and you may also enjoy the long journeys.

Rahu Transit for Taurus

This year Rahu will affect your decisions as you will think twice while taking a decision. You must always be careful while taking deals and should always take that one which is more important. Financial matters should also be handled with utmost care. It is predicted that this year Rahu will make you fall into stomach related problem. If there is more problem wear the silver ring.

Rahu Transit for Gemini

This year planet Rahu is not in favour of you. The domestic troubles will be faced by you. All the efforts will go into vain but it is required that you do not lose hope as in the end everything will be fine. It is required that this year you keep your family and friends around you so that you can achieve great success. It is required that in trouble time, worship Goddess Saraswati.

Rahu Transit for Cancer

Good time is there for you due to this transition. The social status will increase and you will become popular. The performance will increase in every sphere of your life. Promotion and leisure trips are also there on the cards. If you are in trouble then wear 8 Mukhi Rudraksh.

Rahu Transit for Leo

Rahu transition is not good for you this year. There will be lot of tension in house and domestic things will also create a lot of trouble. Financial matters will require extra attention as there can be tough time. The health should be taken care of especially for the stomach. If there is more trouble keep silver ball with you.

Rahu Transit for Virgo

Rahu transit will make you to take wrong decisions. It is required that you are organized with your lifestyle. Unnecessary fear will creep into you. The relationship with women will become complicated. Avoid the shortcut methods of earning money. Health should also be taken care of. When you are in more trouble then flow the coconuts in the water.

Rahu Transit for Libra

The Rahul transition this year will make you to do big expenditures. There may be some unplanned journeys. This year it is required that you take care of your reputation and be dependent.

Rahu Transit for Scorpio

This transition will bring good thing in your life as you may get involved in new activities which will bring happiness. The long distance trip is also waiting for you. Good fortune will be there in personal and professional life. Some minor issues related to ear will be there.

Rahu Transit for Sagittarius

This year your confidence level will increase as the problem solving skills will improve and will be appreciated by the superiors. Job or business will flourish this year. People who are unemployed will get the job soon and people who are working will see the professional growth. The relationships will grow strong. A big profit is also there through a journey. If some trouble creeps in offer food to the visually impaired people.

Rahu Transit for Capricorn

This year Rahu is not in favor of you. You will be in some trouble situations, but you will get opportunity to show the talent which will increase self-confidence. Take care of your family and friends as they will be very supportive this year.

Rahu Transit for Aquarius

Rahu will transit in the eighth house. The efforts can fail this year as Rahu is not favourable. The success will be achieved only if hard work is done. The suggestion is that you improve your social relations. Tensions may creep in which will result in fight between the partner.

Rahu Transit for Pisces

It is required that you avoid friendly relation with partner and avoid unhealthy talks. The legal matters should be taken care of. Self-Dependence will be appreciated. You may face health problems so take care of your health. Long journeys should be avoided.

Created: Thursday, January 23 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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