Rahu Ketu Transit Effect on Cancer Natives

Rahu is transiting in the fourth house of your horoscope chart. This period is unfavorable for you. Meanwhile, Ketu is transiting in the tenth house which is beneficial for you. Lohamoorthy, of the nodes in your horoscope chart represents a trying period. All your business ventures during this time will be successful and will be completed on time.

You may get the pleasure of getting bath at holy places. During this time, you might visit the religious places. This transit will make you leave your home town and you will live in remote places for some time. You might also get deprived of the domestic and materialistic comforts. You will get trouble from your kin or probably parents.

Your health need special attention after the month of May. There can be some problems in the married life. Accidents and injuries can be prevented by taking a little extra care. There are chances of child birth in your family. You will get the positive results of your efforts after having faced a little obstacles. Some enemies might give you hard time.

During this time, your financial prospects are not very favorable. The increasing expenses while fulfilling the needs of your family and domestic life will make you worried. People who are running their business will tend to get mixed results in their business ventures. If you are in overseas business you will get great results.

It is a tough time for working women. They will get the salary rise and promotion. Prospects for higher studies seems promising. You will get rewards and recognition in your higher studies.

Vedic remedies during this transit –

Worship Lord Hanuman on Tuesday.

Observing fast on Tuesday will be helpful.

Recite Durga Argala Stotram daily.

Created: Friday, December 06 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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