Rahu Gochar in the year 2016—all the predictions and effects

Rahu’s movement in the Leo Rahu movement

Rahu Gochar in the year 2016—all the predictions and effects

The movement of Rahu will occur on the 31st of January 2016. The planet will go backwards hence it will shift from Virgo to Leo. The latter is commanded by the sun so Rahu will end up in the enemy’s home. Even the Jupiter will stay in the same house.

The effects of this in all the zodiacs as per Vedic Astrology Predictions by Pandit Lokesh Jagirdar


The Rahu will transfer to your fifth house thus making a significant effect in your education, career and kids. It will also affect your mental state. Rahu is not good hence it will create negativity in your life. It will especially affect your professional life. It will actually confuse your mind and your educational career. You may not attend religious things. Health will also be effected because of it and hence pregnant ladies must take extra care.


The 4th house is the place where Rahu will come and it will cause problems with your education and your mother or family’s health. Do not take things lightly as Rahul will disrupt your family’s health too. You may face some domestic losses and problems.


Rahu will come to your 3rd house and it will be beneficial for you but the appearance of Jupiter will spoil the party. Your work flow will get a boost and you will end up doing tons of hard work. However your direction can be flawed or go haywire. Because of Jupiter and rahu, you may face tussles with your sister or brother. Take extra precautions if venus was not auspiciously placed during your birth.


Because rahu will shift to your 2nd house, it will affect your communication and finance. This will only make the thing quite negative. If the Jupiter retrogrades, then the negativities will increase even further. You will have to manage your finances. Your expenses will get greater and it will change your beget. Keep a tab on your mouth.


You are of the dominating nature, and hence when the Jupiter will lonely your work was heading towards the right direction. But with Rahu incoming, all your plans can go haywire. Be careful about the way your work is going. In fact, do not take any tough decision during the time. The Jupiter may spoil your relation with your partner and it will get worse when the rahu joins in with it. Remain cool and calm to save your love life.

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Because rahu is heading to your twelfth house, it will certainly make your expenses high. You may have to travel unnecessarily too. If you are connected with foreign affairs or are in the networking business, you will benefit from rahu’s movement. But be clear about your expenses.


11th house is the place where your Rahu will reside and it will make Raj Yoga in the finance department. However with Jupiter on the 11th house, it will create a Guru Chandal Dosh. It will create negativity in your mind too but overall it will help to increase or boost up your income. But take utmost care of your income and select your income path carefully. But rahu will bump your bank account credit for sure.


The rahu will come to your tenth house making Raj yoga and it won’t be good for your mom’s health. You may find yourself in a feud with your family members and elders. Hence be sure to behave well with your elder members. Your father also may suffer from some issues. You may go through Shani Sade Sati hence shift of the Rahu cannot be useful for you. Remember to handle things better during the change.


The rahu will move to your 9th place and it will have ill effects on your lick. In fact, it will create tons of trouble for you. You will even move far away from your dad. Try focusing on your work rather than on your luck. Do not buy a lottery ticket or even shares; and have faith in God.


Rahu will create combination with Jupiter in your 8th house. However, this combination is very fruitful in terms of finance but at the same time it will create disturbance in health. Try to avoid accidents and drive carefully. Stay away from deep water. Never every try to indulge in any illegal or immoral activities or you will be defamed easily.


Rahu is shifting to your 7th house and it will stay there for a year. It will trouble your relationship and your marriage. Do not take risks in your business and stay away from any troubles. Be sure to be varying of your colleagues as they can hoodwink you. Someone can steal your papers or documents, hence keep it safe.


The duo of rahu and Jupiter will come to your sixth house and it will bad for your health. Your liver and stomach will be the one which will be affected the most. You may have to undergo surgery too. If you suffer from blood sugar, arthritis and obesity then pay more heed towards your health as rahu will create havoc during the change. You will have support from the legal system and you win over all your rivals.

Treatment or solution for treating malefic Rahu

If you regularly do Yoga and Pranayam, then you can easily maintain your mind’s will power and strength.

You must also overcome your anger and this can be done through meditation and yoga.

If you opt for diet control then it will certainly be useful for your gastro problems.

“Om NamayShivay” Or the “Om rudrayNamah” reciting will certainly help you to clear off the Rahu effects. If you still believe that rahu is creating problems and you can do the Vedic Shanti for the rahu.

Rudragayatri mantra and the havan can be more useful for the Rahu problems.

Do the Rudrabhishekat regularly.

LaghuMahaMtrtiyunjay or MahaMrityunjay is an option for you if the rahu is on your lagna or 8th house.

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Created: Friday, February 19 2016
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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