Puja for the Saturn transit

The planet Saturn takes 30 years to complete the journey around the earth. The planet Saturn is going to be there till 2017 and will transit in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. The natives of the Shani Dhaiya that will be influenced by this transit are:-

  • The dhaiya will begin for the zodiac sign Gemini with native Ashtam Shani.
  • The five years of dhaiya is remaining for the zodiac sign Scorpio with native sade sati.
  • The two and half year of dhaiya is remaining for the zodiac sign Libra with native sade sati.
  • The sade sati will begin for the zodiac sign Sagittarius.
  • The dhaiya will begin for the zodiac sign Aquarius native chaturth Shani

It is advised that those who are born under these zodiac signs need to go for the remedies of the Shani Dosha so that the negative effects are nullified. There will also be influence of Shani on those who are going through the sub and main period of Shani and therefore they should do the Shani Puja and should do the oil Abhishekam of the Lord Shani. The puja is considered to be very beneficial as it removes all the sins of the life and the problems due to the dhaiya or sade sati.

We conduct the Shani Shani Puja for those individuals who are going through the wrath of the planet Saturn so that they can live their life in peace. This Shani Shanti puja can help you out in following ways:

  • Removes the problems of property and debts.
  • Removes the mental stress.
  • Brings the stability and prosperity in finances.
  • Cures the pain of the body.
  • Brings prosperity in business.
  • Builds up the favorable situations.
  • The health is maintained in a good condition.
  • The negative effect of the planet Saturn is being removed.

The puja is being performed by the priests by following the proper rituals so the individual is blessed and benefited properly and the life is being lived in peace and prosperity. We also help them to identify the proper materials of the puja so that they can have the trust on us. We mainly focus on the benefit of the people so that we can make their life better and can make the fewer problems for them.

Created: Saturday, November 08 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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