Prediction about Surya Grahan Dosh from 17 August to 17 September 2016 for all Zodiac Sign

Prediction about Surya Grahan Dosh from 17 August to 17 September 2016 for all Zodiac Sign


On 17 August 2016, the mischievous antagonist Sun and Rahu will be in annexation and for coming time. Sun  get in its sign Leo where Rahu placed in sign Leo for a long time and this transition will be distraught for nearly all Zodiacs. Read about  the effect of this transition on various moon signs.


The annexation in fifth house will create some issues to the kids and the people belonging to the education line will may be face some problems  by the authorisation.You may have some health issues related to the stomach so you have to take care about your meals.


It will be good for you to stay far from issues related to assets or property and do not invest in premises . Take care properly of mothers because the transition in forth house may create some health issues to your mother. Drive carefully on road and stay away from arguments.


The annexation in third house may be effectious for you brother or sister.It is better to stay away from arguments and stay far from problems related to law.The unnessesary argues may raise the ill effect related to you in coming time. Keep a low profile and come athwart to the fresh steam of strenth for a change .


The annexation in second house will cause friction with your partner so you have to be tranquil and this transit may affect your vestige. Save your vestige at a passage where it will be safe from expenditures. Stay away from unnecessary investment it will good for you. As you experience some financial profit then wait instead as it is temporary.


the transition in first house may create some slaphappy problems. During this conjunction you have to control your temper and you have to be forgiving. there may be equivocality and dislocation occur but will be streaky so it will beneficial to stay far from it. You should be communicative with your partner to stay away from confliction.

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The annexation in twelfth house may create some issues related to lawsuit. You may be face accidents on road so it is necessary for you to be drive carefully on road. It will be beneficial for you to be aware while deal with the situations related to law or government.



The annexation in eleventh house bring you an inexpedient eventuality to earn more. Adhere to your lawful income sources and stave off the chances direct you towards pit off income. Stay away from gambling and obligation otherwise it may cause loss.


The annexation in tenth house create disturbance in your work . You should behave collusively with you elders or boss and it is better to follow  the rules without bend it according to you .


The annexation in the 9th  house may results in the issues related with your father. So you should recommended him to be aware of any problems. It is beneficial to plan  for a pilgrimage with your family members.


The annexation in eighth house cause some issues related to your father . There is a possibility of arising   some issues related with tax or taxation so you have to be aware.




The annexation in seventh house may create some issues with your partner. The transit may cause problems in your relationship. Think twice before taking decisions or professional deals.


The transit in sixth house create some issues related to your body. there may be some problems occur related to joints and bones and also there is a possibility of problems related to eyes and heart. So you should take care of your health.


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Created: Monday, August 22 2016
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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