Prayers to the Tirupati Balaji

The tirupati balaji temple is located in the state of Andhra Pradesh and is at the seventh hill of Tirumala. This temple is considered to be the richest holy shrine and is at the second position in the world. The deity of this temple is Lord Balaji and it is being believed that lord is being self-manifested and people will get the blessings till the Kali Yuga.

According to Indian astrology, it is believed that there was a sage Bhrigu who was entrusted to find out the greatest person among the Hindu’s. The sage visited various places like Brahmalok, Kailash and in the last visited Vaikuntha when he was not properly welcomed by the lord Shiva and Lord Brahma. In the Vaikuntha also the Lord Vishnu was in deep sleep and therefore he was not able to notice the arrival of the sage. Looking at this made the sage angry and in anger he kicked on the chest of the Lord Vishnu to wake him up. The chest of the Lord Vishnu is considered to be the abode of Goddess Lakshmi. When the Lord Vishnu woke up he apologized for not noticing him. The Goddess Lakshmi feel insulted with the behavior of the sage and the apologies of the Lord therefore in guilt she left the place of Vaikuntha and then came to earth for meditation. The Lord Vishnu also felt insulted so he also came down on earth. During all this process, Lord Vishnu married Padmavati and they both created the hill where they resided. The goddess Lakshmi also returned to Lord and made Tirumala as her abode.

According, to the Indian astrology or belief it is believed that Lord Balaji accompanied with Padmavati and Goddess Lakshmi blesses their devotees from the hills and completes all the desires and wishes of the devotees. The prayers should be offered with full dedication and so devotion so that the maximum benefits can be achieved from the prayers and all the wishes are being completed on time. The Prasad is also being offered to the Lord Balaji and the Bhog is done after that the Prasad is distributed among the devotees so that everyone can get the blessings of the Lord.

Category: Festival Event

Created: Tuesday, December 02 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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