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Pradosham 2015- Pradosh Vrat 2015: Ward off your Unenthusiastic Karma

Every 13th day of lunar fortnight is known as Pradosham and this day is devoted to Lord Shiva. In every year there are 24 days of Pradosham. On Pradosham 2015 day, worship Lord Shiva, observe fast, Cherish your Dreams and attain success in everything you do.

Generally, the period of Pradosham is between 4:30 P.M. TO 6:00 P.M.

Let’s take a look on the details of the Pradosham 2015. First of all, we will go through the facts of Pradosham. So that we can understand the importance of the day and get motivate to keep Pradosh Vrat in 2015.

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 Pradosh Vrat 2015: Pradosham Facts

 Here, in this article you will find all the important facts and information about Pradosham day and Pradosh Vrat in 2015. We will also provide you dates of all 24 Pradosham that falls in year 2015.

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 Ø  The word Prdosham refers to eliminating sins.

Ø  Period of Pradosh Kaal starts at or after the sunset and continue for 2 hours 24 minutes.

Ø  This day of Pradosham is an chance to get rid of from bad Karmas and deeds.

Pradosham of each day: Pradosh Vrat 2015

Different days of the week provide different benefits at the time of Pardosh kaal. Read the table given below with the dates of Pradosh Vrat in 2015. It will help you to understand the importance of Pradosham that you are going to observe in 2015.

Monday: It is also called as Soma Pradosham. All the desires get fulfilled and one can attain sound health by observing this Pradosh.

Tuesday: This Pradosh helps in attaining good financial conditions and also give relief from disease. It is also called as Bhamua Pradosham.

Wednesday: This is the fruitful Pradosham. Desire of Child is fulfilled by observing Wednesday Pradosham.

Thursday: Thursday Prdosh is also recognise as Guru Pradosham and aids to gain success over the opponents.

Friday: This Pradosh helps and improve wealth.

Saturday:   THIS Pardosham is also called as Shani Pradosham and Maha Pradosham. This is observed to get Harmonious married life.

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Now, you are aware about importance of different weekdays Pradosham. Let’s take a look on the dates on which Pradosham will observe in 2015.

Pradosham 2015 dates Table

02 January Pradosh Vrat

18 January Pradosh Vrat

01 February Pradosh Vrat

16 February   Soma Pradosh Vrat

02 March Soma Pradosh Vrat

18 March Pradosh Vrat

01 April Pradosh Vrat

16 April Pradosh Vrat

01 May Pradosh Vrat

15 May Pradosh Vrat

31 May Pradosh Vrat

14 June Pradosh Vrat

29 June Soma Pradosh Vrat

13 July Soma Pradosh Vrat

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Pradosh Vrat 2015: Different types of Pradosham

Here, you will get acknowledge about fourteen types of Pradosham. Plan your Pradosh Vrat in better way in 2015.

·         Nithya Pradosham: the duration of Nithya Pradosham is of 90 minutesbefore Sunset.

·         Divya Pradosham: all legal matters will solved and negative Karmas also reduce by worshipping lord Shiva on Divya Pradosham.

·         Deepa Pradosham: Deepa Pradosham is also called as Shani Pradosham (Pradosh falling on Saturday).

·         Saptharishi Pradosham: On this Pradosh devotes look at sky from east side after performing rituals and Puja of Pradosh. Great Saints are worshiped on this day.

·         Aegatchara Pradosham: this Pradosham falls once in a year only. On this day devotees worship lord Shiva and Chant “OM” while performing Puja and offering prayers.

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·         Arthanari Pradosham: this Pradosh is observed by married couples for getting happy married life. It comes two times in a year.

·         Thirikarana Pradosham: this Pradosh falls three times in a year and observe to gratify Ashtalakshmi.

·         Bramma Pradosham: This Pradosh aids in reducing past sins and effects of negative karmas. It is also known as Pradosh of 4 Saturday s.

·         Atcharaba Pradosham: this Pradosh will occur when Maha Pradosham falls five times in same year. All unintentional mistakes are get overcome by observing this Pradosh Vrat.

·         Kandha Pradosham: This Pradosh falls on the Triyodashi tithi.

·         Jadjapraba Pradosham: if one has a wish to get rebirth then he/she can observe this Pradosh. Occurrence of Maha Pradosham 7 times in a year is known as Jadjapraba Prdosham.

·         Astathik Pradosham: this Pradosh helps to get success in life and Astathik Pradosham is that when Maha Pradosham occurs 8 times in a year.

·         Navagraga Pradosham: when Maha Pradosham occurs nine times in a year is known as Navagrga Pradosham and it assist to remove Navagraga dosha.

·         Thutha Pradosham: occurrence of Maha Pradosham at 7 times in a single year is called as Thutha Pradosham.

Significances of Pradosh Vrat

Now you are aware about the dates and weekdays importance of Pradosh Vrat. This is very holy day and has great importance as per the different days of week.

Pradosham Puja Procedure

Take bath before sunset and worship Lord Shiva along with his family. Get the Shivling bath with water and milk then place a Kalash filled of water and placed Durva (grass) over the Kalash. After this offer flower, betel nuts, chandan, rice, betel leaf to Lord Shiva. Then light a lamp (Diya) in front lord Shiva’s Idol and chant Maha Mrityunjaya mantra at least 108 times.

How to keep Pradosham Vrat in 2015?

One can seek blessings of Lord Shiva by observing Pradosh Varat. It is the most holy day to please Lord Shiva. By observing fast on Pradosh one can acquire the boon of Moksha, if everything should be done with full devotion and purity of heart.

Some of the devotees keep fast for 24 hours and they do not eat or drink anything even they will not sleep. And some are observing fast for partial day in which they begin fast from sunrise and end it in evening after worshiping lord Shiva.

Now, you are aware about all the details and dates of Pradosham so, observe Pradosham Vrat with complete rituals in 2015.

Pradosham day Power

This is extremely auspicious day. One can get rid from effects of their negative deeds and bad Karmas committed by him/her in the entire life cycle. Pradosham falling on Saturday and Monday are considered as most promising Pradoshams. They are also known as Shani Pradosham and Somvaram Pradosham.

So now you know everything about this promising day you can easily plan out your Pradosham dates of 2015 with complete rituals and traditions and can get fruitful results.

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Created: Wednesday, March 11 2015
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