Pitra Dosha | How it forms and Pitra Dosha Remedies

Pitra Dosha | How it forms and Pitra Dosha Remedies

pitra-dosh-solution-by-astrology-250x250Pitra Dosha: Doshas are created due to the bad deeds or Karmas of the ancestors. This is also known as Pitra Dosha or paitrik-dosh. The main cause of Pitra Dosha is Rahu. Food is given to the street dogs, crows or sweepers. In the Vedic Astrology, offering are made to the Ketu and rahu in order to alleviate Pitra Dosha.

Remedies for Rahu and Ketu

  1. Tuesday is considered as a good day for Ketu
  2. Auspicious day for rahu is Saturday and Friday.

Services must be offered to the street dogs, sweepers and crows. In mythological literature, the crows are referred as the forefathers. Spiritual persons are referred as Ketu.

Pitra Dosha remedies:

  1. 1.       Remedies for Sun and Moon: Mother or father are represented as the sun and moon in the mythological literature where the ill positioned in the Natal chart is understood to be the characteristics of the wrong deeds of the parents. Charities must be done. The cow or ox must be fed.


  1. 2.       Remedies for Mars: The preferred charities are recommended to be done for the younger brothers, servants and others. Close Mars affliction is linked to the wrong deeds of the younger brothers or servants.


  1. 3.       Remedies for Venus:  The charities must be made for those who are poor and needy especially women. In the natal chart, the ill position of the Venus is understood as the characteristics of the wrong deeds which are done to the women or females in previous lives.



  1. 4.       Remedies for Saturn:  charities are recommended here. The bad position of Saturn in the natal chart is meant to be the wrong deeds done to the servants or those who are people in some previous life.


  1. 5.       Remedies for Jupiter:  Charity services must be done for Jupiter, husband and learned guru. The close affliction of the planet Jupiter is understood as the attributes related to the bad deeds done to one’s husband, guru or learned people.


Therefore, so many other food items are attributed to several different planets and charity is also done for the remedial measures.

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Created: Monday, September 16 2013
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