Pisces Health Horoscope 2014

Year 2014 will bring positive vibes for the Pisces natives in terms of health. You sometimes find it difficult to ward off ailments. It is advised that Pisceans must be careful in the month of August and September. The problems that can trouble you are common cold and cough along with bloating of the body.

Apart from the problem stated above, you will also feel weakness. It is advised that you keep your blood pressure under monitor. Low hemoglobin level can cause weakness resulting into anemia. The good news for Pisceans is none of these will turn into serious problems.

Planetary Positions

Pisces Health Astrology 2014 predicts that planet Saturn will take firm position in the horoscope chart of Pisceans. It may cause generic metabolic problems and circulatory as well as gastrological problems.

However, the position of stars also indicates that there will be no major damage caused. However, do not treat any issue in light manner. If you take self prescription then avoid doing it. Consult an experience physician if you feel discomfort to get proper treatment.

Diet Suggestions

Pisces Health Horoscope 2014 states, Pisceans must be aware of the general weakness. Low blood pressure and lack of hemoglobin is something that you need to take care this year. The solution of this problem lies in the consumption of proper diet. Diet rich in iron is recommended for the ones who are suffering from anemia. Ferrous Phosphate is a mineral that is rich in iron and help to cure glandular or cardiovascular problems.

Food that are rich in minerals are chicken, egg yolks, barleys, dried beans, dates etc. Try to include fresh juice and herbal tea in your routine to get cool and soothing digestion. Alcohol consumption must be avoided. You should control the intake on common salt as over consuming may cause water retention in the body cells and you will feel bloated.

Overall the year 2014, do not possess any threats to the health of Pisceans. Only seasonal disorders may bother from time to time. By nature you are emotional and sensitive person and prefer living in a world made of your dreams. The ground realities are far from what you think and this might cause mental instability. When the mind is upset, the physiological functions also get affected. You should take practical view on life and live your life happily as this will ensure good health and vigor.

Category: Predictions

Created: Monday, March 24 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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