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Dhan Teras/ Dhan Trayodashi 2014


In the year of 2014 the Dhanteras is going to fall on 21st October, 2014. This festival usually falls in the Kartik Krishna Paksh Trayodashi. This festival is considered to be the first day of the Dipawali festival which is a five day long festival. On this auspicious day, the Goddess Dhanvantri- which is the physician of the Gods, Lord Kuber- the god of wealth and the Lord Yamraj – god of death are being worshipped and the blessings are taken from them. People consider this day to be very auspicious in terms of buying new things like gold/silver. It is believed that if gold/silver is bought on this day than the wealth comes in the house of the devotees and takes out all the worries of the life.


The Pooja of the Dhan Teras needs to be done on the auspicious time so that the proper blessings are being received from the Gods.

  1. Pradosh Kal Mahurat: 06:01 P.M. to 08:25 P.M. for the Yam deep Dan and the Shree Pooja.
  2. Abhijit Mahurat: 12:00 to 12:45 Noon
  3. Chaughadiya Mahurat:

Labh + Amrit Chaughadiya – 10:58 to 01:47 P.M.

Shubh Chaughadiya –  03:12 to 04:37 P.M.

Labh Chaughadiya – 07:37 P.M. to 09:12 P.M.


The Legend of the Dhanteras:

There was a legend that there was a son of king Hima and it was predicted that his death would be due to the snake bite on the fourth day after the marriage. So, on that his wife did not allow his husband to sleep and lit the lamps in the house so that there can be lights everywhere. Afterwards, she tried a lot not to make her husband fall asleep therefore; she sang songs for him and then recited the stories for him also. At that night, when the Lord Yama came to the princess doorstep in the form of serpent it was surprised and got blinded and dazzled due to the lamps and jewelry. Due to this the serpent was not able to enter the chamber, so he climbed over the jewelry and sat over there for the whole night silently and during the morning it went away. Therefore, due to clever princess the prince was saved and his life was forgiven.


There is one more legend associated with this day and that was there was a fight between the devils and the Gods. When the ocean was churned by them , Dhanvantri emerged from it carrying the pot of nectar.

People generally do the puja of Lord Kuber- God of wealth so that all the wealth and prosperity can be maintained in their life. The mantras need to be recited on this day so that the Lord Yamraj can get happy.


RoopChaturdasi and Narak Chaturdashi 2014

The Narak Chaturdashi or the Roop Chaturdashi will be celebrated on 22nd October 2014 in the Kartik Krishna 14 samwat 2071. The Roop Chaturdashi is also known as Kartik Krishna Chaturdashi. According, to Hindu mythology it is believed that on this day the Narkashur was killed by Lord Krishna and the feeling of fear was removed from the mind and life of people. It is also believed that on this day devotees should get up early in the morning and smear the body with flour, turmeric and oil and then should take a bath. During this day, fourteen earthen lamps should be lit at different places  for example in the temple of Vishnu, Brahma, Mahesh, street and garden. This pleases the God Yamraj – the god of death.

Annakoot or GovardhanPooja


The AnnakootPooja this year will be held on 24th October, 2014. This festival is also among the five day festival of Dipawali.

This festival is observed in the Kartik Shukla PratipadaSamwat 2071. According to Hindu mythology, it is believed that on this day Lord Krishna has lifted the GovardhanParvat on his finger and has saved the people living in Braj from the heavy rain fall caused due to the Lord Indra. To memorize this day people get up early in the morning and make the mounds of the cow dung and decorate it with flowers and then worship it. The mound that they prepare is the symbol of the GovardhanParvat. On this day people usually make the different types of Bhog and then offer to the Lord and afterwards distribute that Bhog among the devotees as the Prasad.


In some parts of the India, the Goverdhan is considered to be the New Year day. People refer to this day by SwayamSiddhMuhurat. Therefore, people on this day can start their new work if till date they are not able to find the proper Muhurat.

Bhai Dooj or Yam Dwitiya

This year the festival of Bhai Dooj will be celebrated on 25th October, 2015 i.e. on Saturday and is one of the festival among the five day festival of Dipawali. This festival is celebrated on the day of Kartik Shukla Dwitiya. This festival is for the sisters who pray for their brothers health and good fortune. On this day, the sister puts the Tilak on the forehead of their brother and performs the Aarti and offer him the sweets.


The Yam is also worshipped on this day therefore this day is also known as Yam Dwitiya. The Bhai Dooj is the last day festival of the Diwali. This festival can be celebrated in different ways in different parts of India. But at every place it is the affection and love between the brother and sisters. According to the tradition, brother’s go to their sister’s house and sister needs to welcome him and need to put the Tilak on their forehead and need to perform puja. After doing the Aarti, they pray for the long life, healthy life and successful life for their brother. In return, brother gives them the gifts so that she can be happy. On this day, sister’s also prepares the dishes for their brother which is liked by him and enjoy the whole day with the family members.


Legend of the Bhai Dooj

There was a wife of Lord Surya Narayan named Chhaya. She gave birth to two children – Yamuna and Yamraj. The daughter Yamuna had the great affection for his brother Yamraj. On the day of Kartik Shukla Dwitiya Yamraj went to the house of Yamuna and Yamuna put the Tilak on the forehead  of his brother and did the pooja and in return Yamraj gave him the blessings that the fear of the ultimate death will be removed.


There is one more legend related to this day. On this Lord Krishna killed the demon Narkaasur and after that he went to his sister’s house Subhadra. Subhadra welcomed his brother with great affection and love and therefore from this day people celebrate the day of Bhai Dooj.


Created: Thursday, September 04 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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