October 2012 Pradosham Dates – Monthly Fast Devoted to Lord Shiva

Pradosham is a monthly fasting day devoted to Hindu God Shiva. The day happens twice at the same time as the Hindu lunar month. Pradosham dates in October 2012 – October 13 and October 27. Petitions to God are offered to Shiva and Goddess Parvati around the same time as the twilight period on the day.

Both the Pradosha Vrat in October 2012 falls on Saturday and in a way it is reputed to be Shani Pradosh.

The Pradosham on October 24 is on Monday and accordingly it is likewise regarded as Som Pradosham.

Pradosham as the name demonstrates is a period unequivocally before dusk and following dusk. Inexactly the Pradosham period is between 1.5 hours before nightfall and 1 hour following nightfall.

The Shiva Purana states that one undertakes the Pradhosha vrat can be favored with riches, tykes, euphoria, and respect. Women who extended to have kids uncommonly undertake the fasting and love. It has stated that people praying to Shiva in the midst of the promising time of Pradhosha could be liberated from sins.

There are various legends connected with the Pradhosha Vratam. It is accepted that Ruler Shiva drank the toxin that was agitated up from the Sea of Milk (Samudra Manthan) at the same time as Pradosham.

An additional myth shows that Ruler Shiva and Parvati, the perfect couple, are in a hopeful disposition in the midst of the nighttime twilight on the Trayodashi day and consequently are effortlessly satisfied and allows whatever that an earnest aficionado asks.

Aficionados fasting on the Pradosham day, break their fasting following the night supplications to God.

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Created: Tuesday, January 15 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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