Navratri Puja Muhurat 13th October 2015

The customs and rituals of Navratri 2015 will be start according to the fixed muhurat. This puja increase the auspiciousness of the Navratra puja. People believe that if they perform puja on muhurat then it will be very beneficial for them. It is fixed by checking all grah gochar status. It is also believed that if puja will perform on muhurat time then it will be more beneficial. This will show the right path towards god without any barrier. On this navratri eve people worship the Goddess Durga. People celebrate this navratri festival four times in a year, they organise this puja with enthusiasm.


How to Perform Navratri Puja Muhurat?

To perform this Navratri puja people prepare too much. They look for the best muhurat for this puja. There are some items required for such puja i.e. roli, sindur, flower, ghee, diya, agarbati, hawan samagri, new clothes, ganga jal, yogurt, chawal, chandan, Prasad etc.  They prepare goddess Durga statue for worship. All slokas, mantra and aarti is done in this pooja. All people recite sloks and mantra by durga saptsati slok book.  This book is made for puja, Hawan and aarti. All sloks and mantra are given on that book. Navratri is celebrated for 9 days.   Devotees have their fast from first puja to last puja.


What are the benefits of Navratri Puja Muhurat?

This festivalcomes with happiness and blessings. If this puja will be done on muhurat then Goddess will give you blessing and prosperity.  This puja is performed to get blessings in the form of wealth, positive energy and knowledge. All nine days people worship goddess Durga to get satisfaction and tension free life.   If this puja is performed in better way then, it is so effective. So it is very necessary to perform this puja with great zeal and better way.

Category: Festival 2015

Created: Thursday, November 20 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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