Navaratri 2015 Dates for Chaitra Navaratri


In the year 2015 Nav Samvatsar will start date from 21st March Saturday. It is on this day that the Chaitra Shukla Paksha will start. On this day the Kalash Sthapna ritual is performed. Just like the Sharadiya Navratri, the nine different forms of Mother Goddess are also worshipped during this time.if a person worships and chants mantras during this time, he will get virtues. The puja, yagya, meditation, fast and donation are all parts of the worshipping. The Navratri festival for the navratri season will be on 28 March 2015, Saturday.

In brief

According to Hinduism, Lord Ganesh or Rddhidata and Siddhidata is to be worshipped at first of any puja. In the Navaratri puja also, on the day of Pratipada or the first day, there is the Kalash stapana ceremony. And it is believed the Lord Ganesha resides in it. And then the puja of Lord Ganesha is performed. Once the puja starts, people and devotees and worshippers must follow a strict routine for fasting. On the last day that is on the Navami tithi 9 girls below the age of ten years are worshipped as it is believed that they are the forms of Mother Goddess.

Nine Incarnation of Goddess

Throughout the nine days of the Navratri season, the nine different forms or incarnation of her are worshipped. They are Shailputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandmata, Katyayani, Kaalratri, Ma Gauri and Siddhidatri.

Goddess Statue Establishment

Placing and establishing the idol of Goddess Durga is very important. She is placed in the middle of the worshipping place. On her right side there is Devi Mahalakshmi and Lord GAnesha and a Yogini named Vijaya stays. And on the left side, Maa Saraswati and Karthikeyan and another Yogini named Jaya are placed.

Lord Shiva is also worshipped on this occasion. On the first day, Devi Shailputri is worshipped with Akshat, flowers, sandalwood and Roli. The arti is performed by the devotees where they chant mantras in the form of songs.

Nav garaha puja

The nine planets are also worshipped during this time. In these nine days, they are invoked on their specific schedules. Pratipada the planet of Mars is pacified. On the day of Dwetiya, Rahu planet is pacified. On the day of Tritiya Jupiter planet is pacified. On Chaturthi, Saturn is pacified to avoid inauspicious effects of the planet Saturn. On Panchami, the planet of Mercury and on Shashthi, the planet of Ketu are pacified. On Ashtami it is associated to pacify Sun and on the last day, that is Navami, it is associated with the Moon to be pacified, through mantras and puja. Once all these nine Graha pujan is complete, the Garahas become pacified, imparting effects to pacify the rest of the world.

Other Gods who are worshipped in Navratri

Although worshipping the Mother Goddess is the most significant part of the Navratri celebration, there are other Gods also who are worshipped. Lord Ram and Hanuman are the most common ones. Reading Sundarkand, Ramayan and Ram Charitra Manas in this time is very beneficial.


Created: Sunday, September 07 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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