Mythological Significance of Deepawali

Like each year, this year too festival of Diwali, will be all about fun, mirth, rebinding, crackers and different varieties of lights from Diya’s to candles and artificial lights. Nevertheless, Indian celebrations dependably have a typical importance and a profound established ethical and religious essentialness, so does Diwali each year. By the side of all the festival and healthy time with loved ones, the all overall message remains, that is commending the triumph of truth over merciless, of light over murkiness, a message that will be emphasized here again in Diwali in 2013. Let us look on the mythological significance related to festival of Diwali.

Mythological relationship of the celebration of Diwali:1351859837-Diwali-wallpaper3

Two Mythological explanations are referred for festival of Deepavali celebration on the Kartika Amavashya day.

The first legend heads us to the “Treta Yug” when “Rama Avatar” occurred. Ram was banished for 14 years. Sita (his wife) was stole by the evil spirit lord Ravana throughout the time of outcast. Ravana was at last executed in the fight in Lanka and Rama returned home with Sita in the fifteenth year after the close of the time of outcast. The individuals of Ayodhya commended his homecoming by lighting many lights. The individuals honor the reappearance of Rama to Ayodhya by commending Deepavali celebration.

The second story identifies with the “Dwapar Yug” when “Krishna Avatar” occurred. The legend lets us know that Narakasur was making inconveniences for the regular individuals, the Rishis, Saints and Demigods. He was a compelling evil presence. Master Krishna arranged his killing through his wife Satyabhama and the devil was killed on the “Chaturdasi day” which comes one day preceding the Deepavali day. In this way, the “Kartik Chaturdasi” is otherwise called “Narak Chaturdashi”. The celebration of lights is commended on the ensuing day of “Kartik” on “Amavashya Tithi” to remember the killing of Narakasur.

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Created: Monday, October 14 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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