Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn 2015

This year the planet Mercury will retrograde in the zodiac Capricorn on 21st January 2015. This planet can affect some of the zodiac signs either negatively or positively. The planet will remain retrograde till 11th February 2015. The different effects on the zodiac signs are:

  1. Aries: this year your luck will not be with you and the things will get delayed. The legal matters will also get delay. This year you may also face some of the extra expenses and this can hamper your budget. The materialistic things may also cause a problem to you and will increase your expenditures also. It is also possible that some of the wrong decisions will also be taken by you. So, you need to be very careful about your decisions.
  2. Taurus: it is advised that this year you should not speculate as you can loss a large amount of money on this. If you have children then there may be the bad effect on them as they may fall ill during the exam time. You will be disturbed in the love matters due to the lack of communication. You may also face the health problems especially in the lower back part.
  3. Gemini: you will not be able to take the prominent decisions and this will lead to the wrong decisions. You will be involved in the good deeds and this will increase your purity of life. But the good deeds done by you will not give you the good result for the current time but at the long run you will receive benefits. You may also become restless, so you need keep patience so that everything goes fine.
  4. Cancer: this year you may the expenses that are of no use. Your spouse will be spending much money and therefore there may be sudden loss in the bank balance. No friends will help you this year. You will not be interested much in the family matters. There can be sudden weight gain this year. There can be difference of opinion between you and your spouse. You can also lose your fame.
  5. Leo: this year you can become irritating due to the problems you are facing. You will be rash and rude to others and short tempered. You will also face the delays in the finances and this will make you unhappy. Your friends will also do the different behavior with you. Your girlfriend will ask for the expensive gifts from you and this will imbalance the bank balance.
  6. Virgo: this year your spouse is going to get the good news. She will force you to get her wishes fulfilled and will also try to dominate you. There can also be some of the setbacks in your life. You will become dicy in some of the situations and therefore will not be able to take proper decisions.
  7. Libra: this year is going to be good for those individuals who are into the profession of media and entertainment industry. The personal life is going to be good this year. For the future life you will face the duality and therefore this will bring the problem in your life. You can also go in the long trip. You also need to take care about your health.
  8. Scorpio: this year the work life will go slow and you will not get good opportunities. This slowness will be there in every phase of life. You can lose the money also. You will be lazy in doing things and your spouse may fall ill due to the retrograde of the planet.
  9. Sagittarius: this year you will be travelling and therefore there will be a loss of money. The professional life will not be suitable for you much. Your temper will remain high and will remain confused.
  10. Capricorn: this year you may lend the money to other people but you should do all the legal paper work. There can some of the health problems. You will also face some of the personal life problems so you need to take care about all this. You need to avoid the speculations because this will not be favorable for you.
  11. Aquarius: you should avoid the speculation completely this year. There can be the sudden gain but this will not be due to speculation. In the professional life you will be aggressive as things will not go proper. You will spend the money on technical gadgets.
  12. Pisces: you may face the problem of theft while travelling. If you have children then they will fall sick. You will think of the job change. You need to change your nature and should become understanding.

Category: Predictions

Created: Thursday, January 22 2015
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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