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Karwa Chauth 2015: Juncture of togetherness

 In year 2015 the event of Karwa Chauth will be celebrated on Friday, 30th October. On this festival people eagerly waits for the Moon rise. This festival of Karwa Chauth symbolizes to the longevity, respect, well being, trust and love towards your beloved. In this article you will find complete information about Karwa Chauth.

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The festival of Karwa Chauth is very ancient ritual followed in India by women. This festival is well known in Sikh community and north India. On this very day of Karwa Chauth both married and unmarried ladies observe fast for long day. They keep this fast for the long and wealthy lives of their husbands or for would be husbands. This ceremony of celebrating Karwa Chauth is greatly followed in states of Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat, to name some.

Before going ahead on the rituals that should be followed on Karwa Chauth 2015, first we tell you about the meaning of Karwa Chauth.

Karwa Chauth Meaning

The word Karwa Chauth is formed from two words. First is ‘Karwa’ that means ‘earthen pot’ and the word Chauth means ‘fourth day’. Earthen pot is used in the rituals of Karwa chauth it is sign of well being and prosperity. Therefore, this day is named as Karwa Chauth.

Now, you are aware of the meaning of Karwa Chauth. Perform all the rituals greatly and use Karwa (earthen pot) while performing ceremonies on Karwa Chauth.

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This day is very significant to keep fast for the well being and long life of your husband or would –be husband. Following listed are the rituals followed during celebration of Karwa Chauth-


Rituals that are followed during Karwa Chauth


On this day women those keep fast get up early in the morning before sunrise and get ready to perform ceremonies of the day. It is one of the most holy fasts according to the customs and traditions of Hindu religion. The fast begin from the morning (sunrise) and ends at the night with Moon rise. In this fast women do not consume food and water for the whole day. After Moon rise they break their fast with water and sweets. The major deities worshiped on this festival are Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva and their sons, Lord Ganesha and Kartikeya. Women worship the scared Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva with ten Karwas (earthern pots) filled with sweets. After this ritual get complete all the ten Karwas are distributed among sisters, sister-in laws and daughters.


As we know numbers of stories are there associated with the celebration of Karwa Chauth. But, the story from the Mahabharata is very popular and this festival of Karwa Chauth has been celebrated since ancient times. Same as every year in 2015 Karwa Chauth is celebrated with same rituals and customs. Women pray to Goddess Parvati and lord Shiva on the day and end their fast by worshiping Moon.


Let’s search out the major importance of Moon on the occasion of Karwa Chauth.

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Do you know why women eagerly wait for Moon to rise on the day of Karwa Chauth.?


Importance of Moon on the day of Karwa Chauth


In the celebrations of Karwa Chauth Moon plays major role. Women can break their fast only after seeing sight of Moon. The process for worshiping and ending the fast is first woman see the Moon with sieve (filter) and then to her beloved husband with same filter. After this husbands fed their wives with sweets made of milk and water to end their fast. It is also believed that ladies who observe fast on this day have prosperous married life. It is also believed greatly that the ritual of looking at husband through sieve removes all the evil and negative effects from husband.


Now, we all are aware from the fact that why Moon is so important on Karwa Chauth and why ladies will wait eagerly for the Moon to shine in sky on Karwa Chauth in 2015.

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Since this festival of Karwa Chauth is festival of women, women look forward and eagerly wait for it because it re- define and increase the love between a couple.


Karwa Chauth is an extremely special day for all the newly married couple especially for the ladies who are just got married and it is their first Karwa Chauth in 2015. It will be their first experience of this day like receiving Sargi from mother- in- law and precious gifts from husband.


Let’s read further to know what Karwa Chauth in 2015 will present the newly married ladies and what they should gaze forward for on Karwa Chauth.


First Karwa Chauth in 2015


It is most important and special occasion for all the women and especially for those who are newly married. New brides use to wear their wedding dresses, graceful jewellery and get ready with solah shringar. Their mother- in- laws prepare intricate meal for them it is also known as Sargi. Sargi includes different type of sweets, fruits, parantha and pheni (a sweet made from semolina and milk). With sargi mother- in –law also gives gift to her daughter- in- law like, jewellery, saree, solah shringar or anything else. Like Sargi there is one other ritual named as Baya. In Baya parents of newly married daughter give gifts to her mother- in- law. The most beautiful thing after all this is the gift from husband that he gives to his wife. After the fast of whole day, Karwa Chauth katha (tale) is performed with rituals. Wives willingly wait for the gift that their husbands give them on Karwa Chauth night.


Newly married ladies are exited for the rituals and ceremonies of Karwa Chauth in 2015. It will be their first Karwa Chauth, Sargi and gifts.

Ladies start preparation for it in advance. Now, you all are aware about the rituals of Karwa Chauth so, don’t forget to perform all the rituals and ceremonies to make your first Karwa Chauth 2015 special.


Things to be perform on Karwa Chauth


Rituals like Karwa Chauth Katha and Krawa Chauth Sargi are followed on this day. Other than these rituals some more common rituals are also followed on this day by females all around the country or world.


Follow all these rituals mentioned below when you observe fast and celebrate Karwa Chauth in 2015.


  • One the most important thing is to get Mehndi in both the hands it symbolizes happiness and love. It is also believe that the darker the shade of Mehndi the pure and deeper the love between the pair.


  • It is essential for all the married women to put big Bindis on the forehead of red or pink colour.


  • Women wear heavy Sarees, Lehngas and Ghagra Cholis.


  • In evening all the ladies in neighbourhood gather at one place and perform the ritual of Karwa Chauth vrat Katha.


  • Ladies exchange their puja thalis and sing Karwa Chauth songs during Karwa Chauth Puja. The eldest women from the group of all tell story of Karwa Chauth.


During this Karwa Chauth in 2015 we will see ladies performing all these rituals with full loyalty towards their beloved.

Special meals are prepared on the occasion of Karwa Chauth. Here we bring some delicacies for you that you should gaze forward to having in 2015 after a daylong fast of Karwa Chauth.


Karwa Chauth Delicacies


After a difficult and long day fast, you would look for some delicious delicacies for eating. After the end of this difficult Karwa Chauth fast ladies can eat whatever they want usually items like Dal Makhani, Matar Paneer, Mix Vegetable, Chapati, Rice sweets like Halwa, Malpua or Phirni are prepared at home.


These lines can describe Karwa Chauth in 2015 in best way:


While performing Karwa Chauth in 2015 worship Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva with full devotion and purity in your heart. Females who will keep the fast on this day must not forget to follow the rituals (karwa and Sargi) describe above in the article.


Karwa Chauth is the festival on which people will wait for Moon very desperately. Ladies will gaze forward for the beautiful and valuable gifts from their mother- in- laws and beloved husbands. Karwa Chauth in 2015 is the day to express your emotions and love to your dear and loved one.

Karwa Chauth is the day to remember the myths and cherish the bond of love throughout your lifetime.

Karwa Chauth is the most auspicious day that every Hindu woman wants to experience. This is the day that brings husband wife closer and increase their love bindings with each other. Ladies keep fast on this day for healthy, long and prosperous lives of their husbands.

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Created: Wednesday, March 11 2015
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