Mars Transit in Virgo 2014



The planet Mars will transit to the zodiac sign Virgo on 25th March, 2014 and on 20th May, 2014 after travelling to the fourth quarter of Chitra constellation on 2nd March, 2014. The planet will turn retrograde. Mars is the ruler of zodiac sign Aries and Scorpio. The effect of the planet on various zodiac signs are as follows:-


Due to the transition clashes may be faced with the high authority people. There is also the possibility that your father may face health issue and you may also face some of the head injuries. There will be enhancements in the personal life.


There will be a lack in mental peace due to the transition of Mars. Some of the elderly natives may also pass away due to their Antara of mars. The romantic life may end suddenly and you will always be looking for such love and care.


The transition will hamper your personal life as you will not be comfortable with it. There can also be job change or loss in job. There will be health problems related to intestine, heart or blood. The home environment will not suit you.


The Mars transition can bring the health problems for the children. But this transition is also in your favour as it will bring some trips and entertainment. You will gain money and new relations and will become popular. You will also be dominating among your opponents but may face some of the problems in work place.


There may be health problems related to bones, teeth and blood. This transition will make you to do religious deeds and will improve your work front. There also chances that some of the good deals come to your way and from them you can earn good amount of money. It is adviced to think practically rather than emotionally.


This transition can bring the unfortunate thing like accident for you. So you need to be very careful. You will be having many women friends which help you to gain something. You will have no interest in the personal life as it might be a troublesome for you. The younger kins will be the source of joy for you.


The work front will go smoothly. You will be very irritating in nature without any reason. You will remain annoyed and disturbing in nature. There will be severe domestic clashes. The females will experience the irregular cycles in their periods and can also face the discharge of vagina.


The transition will bring the stomach issues to you and the health of your father will also be not good. You can also face problems from your enemies. But, you will experience long travels and will also visit to spiritual places and will indulge in the religious activities


There will be hidden enemies, who will plan conspiracy against you. The females will face miscarriages during the transition. There will be health issues related to blood, lungs and chest.


The pursuit for the good home will be delayed as there will be renovation during the transition. There will be new friends which will help you in gaining money. There will be a problem in shoulders which can trouble you a lot.


The transition can bring the debts which will be a problem for you. The female friends can bring trouble for you. The things in work place will improve and there will be some hidden gains also. There can be argument with the higher authority people. You might also face the stone problems and cold and cough problems.


There will be problems in personal life. But the romantic feelings may take place. The children will start eating more sweet things. The males will face the problems related to genitals. There can also be the insect bite on face which may spread infection, so you need to take care of your health.


Created: Thursday, March 20 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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