Mars Transit in Libra 2014

On 4th February 2014, the planet mars will be transiting to the zodiac sign Libra. The planet Mars will be joining other two planets- Saturn and Rahu and will create a huge malefic effect. Rahu will increase the strictness of Mars and the secrecy of planet Saturn. Some unfortunate news will be there in the media and newspapers till the mars remains in the Libra. Some harmful events like dacoity, health problem, financial problem, fire etc are likely to happen. Due to the increase in social pressure females may think of suicides. This time will prove to be very challenging for those who are into the field of law, film, and religion and fashion industry. The problems to various zodiac signs due to this transit are as follow:


The planet Rahu and Saturn is in seventh house and due to this Mars may lead to separation between the couples. The stomach and eye problems will be faced by people with Aries zodiac sign. Try to avoid getting into the trap of emotions. It is also advice able to control the brain.


The transit will make you to fall into troubles from enemies, legal troubles and health issues. The name and fame will also be lost. It is advised not to eat staple food as this can harm your health a lot.


Geminis have children need to take care of their children a lot. The generative organs will be sensitive. It is advised not to involve with people who are unknown or less unknown of opposite gender.


This time luck will not be favorable. Females will face mental problems and will find difficulty in dealing with problems. The unexpected expenses are also about to come on your way.


The benefits are likely to achieve by you and you will be very satisfied with this. You will also win over your enemies. It is advised to take actions very smoothly as this can affect your important stuff.


There will be disputes among family members therefore it is required that you stay calm throughout the discussions. This time you may feel weakness in the body, so take care of the health.


This transition will not be good for marital progress. It is required to be careful even for small things as ignorance can make you fall into some big problems.


The initial time will be good for you as you will achieve name, fame, wealth and friends. There is a possibility of relocation to some foreign land which will lead to expenses. There will also be some disputes with the family members.


This will be a good time for you as both of the houses 10th and 11th will be very favorable. There is a possibility of visit to some foreign land which will bring success in your life.


This year you may look for a job change. Due to health problems you will feel weak, so it is suggested not to eat staple food. Financial benefits will be gained but still there will be some problems.


This time your name and fame will be lost, so be careful. Some of the hidden gains are possible. There will be problems at the work front.


Personal life should be taken care of very closely. Legal issues and weakness will be faced by you. Current job will bring up some challenges. Children will also bring troubles. Problem in achieving financial targets will be faced.

Created: Wednesday, February 05 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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