Mars or the mangal graha

Mars or the mangal graha

Mangal or mars is a Graha which can have a bad effect on the terrestrial objects on the earth. The mars is a planet which looks after the physical energy and thus they also alters the self confidence the ego, impulsiveness, adventurous behavior of any person.  It is being considered as the lord of battles and wars and thus deals with the blood, muscles and bone marrow.

Benefits of the mangal graha

According to the vedic astrological belief, the low effect of the mars on the birth chart is very bad. The mangal dasa can create problems in life which are very dangerous and also very effective. Anyone who is having mangal dosh on their birth chart then they have to get married with the similar type of person or otherwise it may incurs many loss in health wealth and peace. Even it may cause death to the person. thus it is quite malefic and can take away the life. Thus the remedial action for the mangal dasa or antardasa puja is to keep happy the two lord: Karthikeya and the Hanuman. For keeping them pleased you have to recite the mantras of Karthikeya and the hanuman chalisa. Reading the Karthikeya mantras and the hanuman mantra for 7000 times in 40 days can bring an effective change in your life. The mangal graha mantram is also being recited. On every Tuesday, you have to donate the masur dal or commonly known as red lentils. Rudrabhisheka puja is done and fasting should be kept on every Tuesday, thus you may prevent the bad effects of the magal dosha. The Puja for mangal transit 2017 can be performed on the dates mentioned in the online astrological website.

Mercury- the son of moon

Mercury is considered to be the son of the moon and it is commonly said Budha. And they are not having any bad effect and are quite beneficial to the individual’s life. But it spreads it bad affect if it comes in contact with the bad planet. This planet is said to be dominant in Gemini and Virgo. It depicts it effects on the intellect, communication, analysis, sensitivity. They deals with science, mathematics, business, education and research. So anyone having good effect of the Budh graha then they can shine in these sectors in their life. In any case if you are having the bad effects of the Mercury then you can follow the following remedies to get back the good effect of the planet.

In this Graha puja you have to please the Lord Vishnuby reciting the Vishnu sahasranam strotam. The budh beej mantra:Om bram breembroum sah budhaya namah has to be recited for 17000 times in 40 days time. Beside you have also to recite the budh strota mantram. Fasting has to be done on Wednesday and the udad dal has to be donated on Wednesdays. To please the planet god, you have to perform puja for the Vishnu puja. Puja for mercury transit 2017 on various zodiac signs has been declared in any astrological site which you can get free of cost.

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Created: Tuesday, May 31 2016
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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