Makar Sankranti 2014

The day 14th January 2014 is celebrated as Makar Sankranti and is considered to be the auspicious occasion. The time to celebrate this auspicious festival is 13:12 P.M. Astrologically, on this day Sun turns Uttarayana. Sun also gains Paksha Bala during this occasion. From this day all the auspicious moments of life are being started like house warming, marriages, deity worship, education etc. The word Sankranti itself has the meaning in it. It refers to the transition of Sun into the particular zodiac sign i.e. sun transits into the zodiac sign Capricorn. Sun is also being referred as Atmakarka as Sun is believed to be the king of all planets. It is also believed that Rajayoga Bhang is due to an afflicted Sun. On the other side, the unafflicted and powerful Sun can vanish all the ill effects from one’s horoscope.

Makra Sankranti is considered to be auspicious day for all those sons and daughters who do not have good relation with their father, as they can maintain and develop the good relation. The worship to Lord Sun can bring the harmony between the father and child relationship. This day is also auspicious as on this day the zodiac sign Capricorn and Sun forgets about the enemity. People with the Pitra Dosha can remove all their Doshas by praying to Lord Sun and giving donation in  religious place. On this day, it is required to give Jal to Sun in early morning and donate white sesame, wheat and jaggery to the poor and needy people. Recitation of Dwadasha Surya Naam Mala and Sri Vishnu Sahastranaam is also considered to be very beneficial.

Category: Festival 2014

Created: Tuesday, January 14 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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