Leo Monthly Horoscope 2014

This year there will be lots of turns and twists for you. However, with these sudden changes you will make your life more interesting. You need to keep calm and patient. Learn how to handle the personal and professional relationship with ease. Any sort of hurdle which you will come across shall be dealt with positive mind.

January – You will feel last this month. This may be due to the festive hangover. In the work place you will not be the top performers this month.

February – This month will bring several problems towards you. However, you will face them indirectly as your dear ones will be asking for the suggestions for the problems they are facing. You will work as rescuer.

March – Try something new that can boost your career. Try to find out of the box solutions for any problem.

April – Partnerships are the highlight of this month. You will find that your partner is not connecting with you the way you want them too. Have participative talks and do not hold any grudges.

May – You will learn to keep a balance between your personal and professional responsibilities. Important issues in both the fronts need to be taken care.

June – You will see a boost in the income level. It will give rise to your splurging attitude.

July – You will feel restless in this month. You will take the help of spirituality to seek peace. You will get the support from your partner.

August – This month will offer you new jobs. You must grab the new opportunity that comes your way in order to make the most out of it.

September – You will consult the trusted friends and family members before taking any major decisions.

October – Monetary situations will be the focus in this month. You will be blessed with the resources and need to invest tem wisely.

November – This month is fully dedicated to love and romance. Leo natives who are single will find their soul mate this month.

December – In this month you will be in a mood of self-realization. In the past months, you have grown mentally and spiritually. Do not share this happiness with your loved ones.

Created: Saturday, December 21 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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