Leo Health Horoscope 2014

Leo natives are generally charged and exited about their life. You never give much importance to the health issues until the things do not get out of control. You must try to connect with your sub conscious and learn to read the signals your body transits to your brain.

These signals are the first alerts to measure the condition of your health. The first half of the year will be filled with problems. You will suffer from headaches and joint pains. Back pain in the upper part of your back will also be a matter of concern. If you are an athlete, dancer or sports person, you need to be conscious about the muscle catch and strain.

As per the Leo Health Horoscope 2014, the second half of the year may cause some problem to those who are suffering from cardiac problems. Female Leo natives may suffer reproductive problems. Try to keep yourself balanced and do not take stress of work. Control your habit of over eating. However, all these problems will not have very serious impact on your health.

Planetary Position

Leo Health Horoscope 2014 reveals that Sun is the ruler of Leo. It blesses the Leo natives with good health and vitality. Leo natives will get the strength to fight illness. In the year 2014, planet Pluto will take sixth house and also have strong impact on the Leo horoscope. Sixth house is responsible for health and wellness and with planet Pluto in this house; Leo natives will be able to attain the impossible results. Pluto will help in overcoming all the hurdles that come in your health conditions.

Diet Suggestions

As mentioned above, Leo natives have to control their habit of over eating. You must intake healthy diet and eat very consciously. Stay away from junk food. Iron rich food will help in blood circulation and helps in preventing anemia. Consume bananas, spinach, dates, fig etc. Consuming vitamin rich food will reduce the cardiac problems. For better functioning of the motor nerves consume magnesium phosphate rich food like apples, lemon, rice, egg etc.

Leo is a fiery sign and is blessed with the natural power to fight with diseases and infections. Fire also helps in digestions and metabolism. However, you must keep the fact in mind that fire can also burn out due to over work. Leo natives also like to enjoy the worldly pleasure and sometimes cross the limit of control, this must be balanced for better health.

Category: Predictions

Created: Sunday, March 16 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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