Lakshmi: The Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity

The word Lakshmi refers to Good Luck. According to the Hindu mythology, the word Lakshmi is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Lakshya’, which refers to goal or aim. Lakshmi is also referred to the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity. She blesses the devotees with both material and spiritual wealth.



Goddess Lakshmi is the most worshipped goddess in the Hindu families. She is favorite of all and especially women adore her more. In spite of being worshipped daily, the month of October – November is the special month for worshipping her. The auspicious Hindu festival Diwali falls during this time of the year and Laskhmi puja during diwali brings great results in the family. Lakshmi Pujan is observed on the full moon night of Kojagari Poornima.

The divine form of goddess is represented as a beautiful woman of golden complexion. She is either sitting or standing on a full-bloomed lotus and holds a lotus bud in one of the four hands she has. The lotus bud stands for beauty, fertility, and purity. Her four hands reflects the four aspects of the human life, which are Dharma (righteousness), Karma (desires), Artha (wealth), and Moksha from the cycle of birth and death.

One can see the gold coins flowing down her hands; this is a proof that one who worships her is blessed with the wealth and prosperity. The clothes worn by her are red in color and with golden embroidery. The red color is the symbol of wealth and golden lining symbolizes prosperity. Adi Lakshmi is the wife of Almighty lord Vishnu and is also woshipped as lakshmi-narayan incarnation.

One can also see two elephants standing and showering water on both the sides of goddess. These are the symbol of efforts, which one performs according to dharma. Such actions are guided by wisdom and pure heart that leads to material and spiritual prosperity.
Significance of Goddess Lakshmi is more as she is worshipped in every household. This makes her an essential domestic deity. Householders worship her for well being and prosperity in the family where as businessperson worships her to gain more profits and smooth running of their business.Since ancient time, it has been in the tradition of India to worship Goddess Lakshmi not as goddess or Devi but as Mata or maa Lakshmi. She is the mother of wealth and prosperity. Being the wife of almighty Vishnu, she is also referred as Shri or female energy of the supreme. She is the symbol of beauty, purity, wealth, generosity, prosperity, charm, and grace.

On full moon night followed by Dusshera, Hindus worship Maa Lakshmi at home and seek her blessings. It is believed that on full moon night Maa Lakshmi visit house to house and blesses the devotees with wealth and prosperity. To know more about Lakshmi Puja visit the link here.

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Created: Thursday, October 03 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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