Kundali Matching A Sample Report

Kundali Matching

Dear Sir/ Madam


Kindly read be carefully of your Annual Prediction. I fill very well for providing me with this opportunity to research your horoscope. Kindly note that I am giving guideline only. and also try to best for you. But all of good and bad events are hand of god, so I wish you luck and pray to god that you overcome all obstacles in your life.


Best Regards,


Pt. Lokesh.

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Birth Details –

Name: A A A

DOB:04 Jul 1974

TOB:17 30 hrs

POB:Abohar,punjab, india

Name: B B B

DOB:18 Sep 1978

TOB:22 30 hrs

POB:New Delhi, india


Kundali Matching


According Indian astrology A A A is born with Scorpio Ascendant (Vrishchik Lagna) and Lord of Ascendant Mars is placed in the 9th house.


Your Birth Moon sign is Sagittarius (Dhanu) and Lord of its Jupiter is placed in 4thth house. Your birth star or Nakshatra is Purvashadha 2nd Pada.


Presently you are going to Dasha Bhukti of Rahu – Rahu till 22 Sep 2012.



According Indian astrology B B B is born with Taurus Ascendant (Vrishabh Lagna) and Lord of Ascendant Venus is placed in the 6th house under his Swagrahi Rashi sign along with Mars.


Your Birth Moon sign is Pisces (Meen Rashi) and Lord of its Jupiter is placed in 3rd house in Uchha Rashi Sign. Your birth star or Nakshatra is Revathi 4th Pada..

Presently you are going to Dasha Bhukti of Sun-Saturn till 21 May 2013.





After going through at your birth chart, Gun Milan Chart or Kundali Matching chart , divisional charts and Dasha Bhukti along with planetary transits, Shat Bal, we are going to these results.




Ashtakoot Guna Chart

Koot Male Female

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Dosha Max-Marks Marks Area


Varan Kshatriya Vipra — 1 0 Deeds

Vashya Chatuspada Jalchar — 2 1 Nature

Tara Mitra Vipat — 3 1.5 Destiny

Yoni Vanar Gaja — 4 2 Sex Life

Graha_Maitri Jupiter Jupiter — 5 5 Relationship

Gana Manushya Deva — 6 5 Sociality

Bhakoot Sagittarius Pisces — 7 7 Life Style

Nadi Madhya Antya — 8 8 Kids/Health


Total 36 29.5





– A A A belongs to Sarp varga and B B B belongs to Simha varga. Relationship between these two is neutral.


– Ashtakoot matching suggests that match between A A A and B B B is very good.


Manglik Dosh Compatibility


A A A is not manglik since Mars is positioned in the Ninth house from Lagna.


B B B is not manglik since Mars is positioned in the Sixth house from Lagna.


Manglik match suggests that match between A A A and B B B is acceptable.



Match is compatible since there is no manglik dosh and also ashtakoot match is acceptable.


Prediction for this Kundali Matching



The compatibility between A A A and B B B on mental and emotional level is good. The sign of A A A is Sagittarius which is a fiery sign and that of B B B is Pisces, which is a watery sign. Since both water and fire are capable of destroying each other, they instinctively either fear or respect each other. Same will be the case with A A A and B B B . They will admire and appreciate a lot of qualities in each other.

The Rasi lord of both A A A and B B B is Jupiter which lies in the same house. This planetary position is highly auspicious for their lives together. Due to his blunt candor, A A A is often misunderstood by the people around. At such times B B B ’s sympathetic approach will be much needed by him. This compassionate quality of hers’ will make her indispensable for him. She will perfectly understand that behind the unintentional, hurtful words lies a clean and honest heart that makes him lovable.

The sign of A A A falls tenth from the sign of B B B and the sign of B B B falls fourth from A A A ’s sign. This four-ten sign pattern is free from Bhakoot dosh and is highly beneficial. A A A will be proud of the way B B B keeps his house and children. B B B is an efficient house-wife and fully devoted to her husband. Never will she demand to have a career of her, for her sole aim in life will be to keep A A A happy and content. Her ultra-feminine ways will flatter him and make him feel like a real man.

The vashya of A A A is Chatuspada and that of B B B is Jalchar. Sexually these two individuals are beautifully mated. To B B B , sex is completely giving oneself to the person she loves. This will make A A A feel like a real man and make him into a gentle and passionate lover.

The varan of B B B is Brahmin which indicates that she will be more inclined towards academics. She will spend most of her time studying books on religion and occult science. The varan of A A A is Kshatriya which implies that he will be full of courage, gallantry and strength. Fear in any form will not be known to him.


A A A belongs to madhya nadi, where as B B B belongs to antya nadi. As they belong to two different nadis they are free from nadi dosh.

This indicates an excellent health for both. They will enjoy good health all their lives. However A A A is susceptible of minor digestive problems and B B B of common cold and throat problem. But they are so common diseases from which none has been saved. Overall health will be very good for both, after being associates with each other.

Further mars does not has any ill effect on their health, this further assures an excellent health.

The alliance is highly recommended between A A A and B B B from health point of view.


This matching is perfect as far as the issues of A A A and B B B are concerned. The arrival of their children will be well in time and there will be no delay in this matter. Even the gap between their children will be normal. A A A and B B B will be blessed with equal number of sons and daughters.

If B B B has any preconceived fears regarding her pregnancy, she is advised to shed them off as she will have normal delivery. There is no risk of her having a miscarriage or any other serious gynaecological complication. Being full of energy, strength and vitality, she will give birth to healthy beautiful children. This will please her husband and in-laws. A A A and B B B will be fully satisfied with the performance of their children in their respective fields. But they will be more devoted to their father. They will never take a step against the wishes of their father . They will give A A A and B B B enough reasons to be proud of them.


. The Tara has no effects on the financial status of A A A or B B B .


The Bhakoot also has neutral effect on their financial position.


Even Mars does not have any ill effect on the same. The net result is that there will be no change in their financial status. There are neither the risks of any monetary losses nor are there chances of any financial gains. Their financial status will remain unchanged.


Relation With In Laws

B B B will share a fairly good relationship with her mother-in-law. Though her mother-in-law will be the non interfering types yet she will have certain rigid principles which B B B must follow. But there will not be any serious difference between them.

She will win the approval of her father in-law by virtue of her sweet disposition and instinct to serve. She will be warm and friendly with her brother-in-law and sister-in-law. She will be on very good terms with them.

The attitude of her in-laws will be fairly good towards her.


The relationship between A A A and his in-laws may not be too smooth owing to his generation gap between them. They may have difference of opinion. But they can sort out these difference if they make a little effort.

Even with his brother-in-law and sister-in-law he is likely to have disagreements on various issues but the chances of adjustment are fair. They are advised to adopt a friendly and honest approach towards each other and they will find the ice meeting.

The attitude of his in-laws may not as good as expected. They are advised to be more polite and understanding with their son-in-law.

Remedies –

  1. 1. You must to do one time Mangal Dosh Nivaran Puja for getting positive power of Mars for whole marriage life and remove delay marriage.
  2. 2. Every time you should have Red Napkin with you.
  3. 3. You should to do Puja daily with Mangal Yantra.
  4. 4. You should wear a Rudraksha Kavach for getting Mars positive results.
  5. 5. You should donate every Tuesday Wheat and Lentil to any Temple.
  6. 6. Now you are going to over age factor for marriage matter. So you must to do a anushthan for this. This is called Shakti Ka prayog – Durga Sapth Shati Anushathan.


Special Note:


I am sure to you for all remedies have to be performed for success and decreasing the bad effects of planets. With help of all remedies you increase good chance may get strong able position during the bad period of planets. All remedies will have to perform as soon as possible.

In case of any difficulty or clarification please feel free to revert back to me and I would be glad to answer your queries.

You may use Live Chat option to solve any Query.

Best Regards,

Pt. Lokesh Da. Jagirdar

Astrologer and Yagyacharya

Shree Navgrah Mandir Khargone

M P. India


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Created: Thursday, November 21 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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