Ketu Transit in Capricorn in September 2017 – Horoscope reading for all Rashi Sign

Ketu Transit in Capricorn in September 2017 Horoscope reading for all Rashi Sign

Rahu and Ketu are always opposite to each other and due to this Rahu is named as the North Node or the Dragon’s Head.

Ketu drives a person towards spirituality and make an individual to get deprive of materialistic pleasures of world. If ketu is in dominating position, then it changes the thinking power, emotion of an individual. Ketu is a cool planet and is in axis with Rahu.

Ketu placed in Aquarius sign presently and it will be here till  September 2017 and then it will move to the Capricorn sign.

Below is the effect of this impact on different zodiac sign:


  • Presently, Ketu is in Eleventh house which makes an individual more social and humorous and brings prosperity, wealth and achievements.
  • Ketu’s power over an individual horoscope increases their sexual desire.
  • Ketu will move to tenth house after September which is a house of profession which in results bless an individual with creative mind but on the contrary one has to do hard work to keep his profession.


  • Currently Ketu is in Tenth house, a house of profession which will reduce interest in work and push you towards philosophical and spiritual knowledge.
  • An individual may have to deal with family disagreements
  • Post September, it will move to ninth house, a house of religion and foreign travel.
  • It will be harmful for your decision making ability and one can commit unexpected crimes.
  • You can visit religious place in this period.


  • Presently, Ketu is in Ninth house which may bring health related problems to your father and siblings.
  • One can develop a preference for religious views and become spiritual.
  • Ketu would move to eighth house post August, which may drive to do offense.
  • One can gain fame and financial profits in this period
  • High chances of having injuries.


  • Curently, Ketu is in your Eighth house which will develop interest in astrology and occult sciences.
  • One can do better in research and inventions.
  • Ketu will move to seventh house by September, house of business partner and spouse. By
  • Issues can happen with spouse and business partner as well.
  • It is advisable to deal with them calmly.


  • Ketu is situated in Seventh house presently, a house of business partner and spouse.
  • Possibility of heated agreements is there and spouse may suffer from health issues.
  • May be you loose interest in married life.
  • Ketu would move to Sixth house in your horoscope which is the house of foes and servants.
  • One can dominate their opponents, competitive exams can be cleared but at the same time take care of your health during this period.


  • Currently Ketu is in sixth house which is related to enemies and servants.
  • At the present time, Ketu is in your Sixth house which is the house of enemies and servants.
  • You can win over court cases and one is having great chances of clearing competitive exams.
  • Health of children might decline after moving to fifth house in September.
  • This transit can create difference with your beloved.


  • Ketu is placed in your Fifth house which is the house of education and children.
  • Chances of heated argument and differences are higher.
  • Child may face health issues.
  • One will find peace in spirituality and move towards it.
  • Ketu would move to Fourth house which is the house of mother, comfort and health.
  • One may feel stressed because of relationship and can relocate.
  • Practice yoga and meditation regularly.


  • Ketu is in your Fourth house which is the house of mother, comfort and wealth.
  • Health of your mother might get affected and chances of heated arguments are there.
  • You will feel isolated from your family.
  • Ketu will enter third house by September, a house of bravery and siblings.
  • A boost in self-confidence and courage will be there. Physical stamina and mental stability is expected to increase post September.
  • A strong, artistic and humorous persona will be developed.
  • You will gain profits and will become more stable financially.


  • Ketu is in your Third house presently, a house of bravery and siblings.
  • An individual will realise potential and communication skills are improved.
  • Those in the marketing industry are expected to gain the most.
  • Younger siblings might suffer from health issues.
  • You might be inclined towards religious practice.
  • By September, Ketu will move to your Second house which is the house of family, communication and wealth.
  • Be cautious while holding up conversations as you might tick the wrong boxes in their ledger and think carefully while making important decisions.
  • Try eating fresh food.


  • Ketu is in your Second house which is the house of family, wealth and speech.
  • Follow diet and exercise regime regularly as skipping your meals and workouts will affect your health adversely.
  • Individual feel isolated from family and will find peace outside.
  • Ketu will move to first house by September, a house of personality and mind.
  • You will be having diplomatic behaviour and your sexual life is expected to get affected.


  • Ketu is in ascendant currently because of that you will suffer from chronic health issues and will be physically weak which in result will keep you mentally disturbed.
  • You will behave diplomatically.
  • Ketu will enter into twelfth house by September, a house of friends and comforts.
  • Chances of irregular sleeping patterns and you might feel the lack of the comfort in this duration
  • You will drive to religious and spiritual activities in this transit, but at the same time health issue can occur.


  • Ketu is in Twelfth house, a house of foreign dwelling, friends and bed comforts.
  • One may suffer from health issues and have problem in love or in married life when Ketu remains here.
  • You will get involved in religious work and spiritual activities and will spend more time in it and might spend on secret things and endeavours.
  • Chances of travelling foreign land are there.
  • Practice yoga and meditation to keep your sane and balance self going.
  • Ketu will move Eleventh house which is the house of speculation, income and gains by September.
  • These will sudden inflow of money and tremendous boost.
  • You will be more social and mix with new people.
  • People would enjoy and appreciate your fun loving nature, humour and wit. In this period, your intellect is predicted to be at its supreme. You will be at leisure and entertainment.


Below are some of the solutions to get rid of Ketu mahadasha:

  • Keep fast on Thursday.
  • Pray to Lord Ganpati. Read Ganpathi Atharvashirsh path daily
  • 09 Mukhi Rudraksh is beneficial.
  • On Saturday donate blankets to poor.
  • Todo Rudra Abhishekam Puja every Month.

Created: Thursday, February 16 2017
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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