Kal Sarpa Shanti puja on Naga Panchami date 07 August 2016

Kal Sarpa Shanti puja on Naga Panchami date 07 August  2016 Sunday

Snakes are considered as very integral part of our culture. According to the ancient stories Lord Shiva wraps around the snake around his neck just like an ornament. Shiva Lings which is the very sacred symbol of Hindu religion is generally depicted with serpents. Lord Vishnu also uses snakes to rest on the Ksheer sagar. Shesha Naga is known for serving the lord Vishnu all the time. It is said that whenever Lord Vishnu takes life on earth then during that period of time Shesha Naga accompanied him. He came up as Baladev with the life of Lord Krishna, and as the Laxman with the life of Lord Rama. Not only this, it is also known that the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Prvati the Ganesha used the serpent as a sacred thread on his wrist. In today time we also worshipped the snake called “Naga” on the very special day of Nag Panchami Puja.

How to Perform Naga Panchami Puja

It is very important to complete this Puja with the help of Priests. There are several Slokas and Mantras in this Puja which can be performed only through the Priests. All the important materials which are being used in this Puja will be dictated by the Priest so that you can arrange the things before the commencement of the Puja.

What are the Benefits of Naga Panchami Puja?

There are several benefits of Naga Panchami Puja. Among several benefits the major one is to protect the snakes. Every creature has their own life, which we can’t destroy so we should have to develop some habit to protect the natural things. Snakes are related to us from a very long period of time, so it is our moral responsibility to protect them. Every year the Nag Panchami Puja is celebrated with full excitement and happiness, in every parts of India.

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Created: Wednesday, August 13 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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