Jupiter Transit Through Cancer Zodiac in the year 2013-2014

Jupiter affects the experience, knowledge, and understanding of an individual. Jupiter symbolizes growth, optimism, joy, generosity, as well as abundance. While Jupiter was in various zodiacs, it focused on various different activities and had different impact on one’s intellect and physique.jupiter-transit-in-cancer-2014

While in Sagittarius, Jupiter urged to raise the intellect level and increase the cultural as well as spiritual awareness. It wanted us to have faith in universe. In Capricorn zodiac, Jupiter urged the individual to define the goals, look for tangible results, act wisely, and follow a disciplined systematic approach to achieve the goals. During the transit in Aquarius Zodiac, Jupiter urged to think and act for the sake of social reforms and to learn importance of caring and love. It encouraged one to value freedom and think progressively to achieve goals and vision. While in Pisces zodiac, Jupiter advised to give up selfish behavior and hold on to kindness and give wings to imagination. In the Aries Zodiac, Jupiter urged the people to find and make opportunities, believe in self, and to take charge to one’s life. Jupiter during transit in Taurus zodiac, it urged us to appreciate and enjoy what we possess and to have patience while approaching the goals. Lastly, during Gemini transit of Jupiter, it advised us to learn from our surrounding as much as possible.

Cancer is a watery sign. During the Jupiter transit 2014 in water sign, one has strong belief in heavenly powers. One can attract the luck by the help of intuition, compassion, and imagination. Helping the needy one will boost the morale. During the Jupiter transit in the Cancer zodiac, the people can attract good fortune by being sympathetic, charitable, and wise to save powers to accumulate and comfort others. Real estate, mother – childcare and the food industry can be prosperous fields to pursue the career.

During the Jupiter transit 2014 through the Cancer cycle, individuals give strong emphasis on the emotions and motherly instincts. One can see the opportunities to grow and achieve success through emotional channels or by expanding own foundations or through building families. The people are more inclined towards the emotional intelligence to solve their problems.

Jupiter not only loves to expand but it also likes to learn. Therefore, when the Jupiter is transiting in Cancer zodiac it makes the natives keener in learning about their roots i.e. exploring the genealogy, learning in-depth about the family traditions.

Jupiter can sometime expand the negative qualities of the zodiac just as it expands the positive qualities of the same. The zeal enthusiasm created by Jupiter is with good intentions. However, it can blind the person to excessive behavior. The negative characteristics in Cancer zodiac includes remaining at home very often, over eating, overpowering others, pampering ourselves, manipulative behavior.

Lastly, in order to pursue your goals and achieve happiness you need to works towards them with confidence and optimism.

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Created: Tuesday, November 12 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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