Jupiter Transit Effect on Cancer Ascendants

Entry of Jupiter in your horoscope house is beneficial and significant for the Cancer Natives. Jupiter is in the Sun in your horoscope house or in other words, Jupiter is transiting in the first house of Cancer natives. This transit of Jupiter will bring improvement to your surrounding environment and will help in building self-confidence. In addition, the transit will add the kindness to your personality.

Cancer Jupiter tansit

Talking about the personality, Cancer natives enjoy a personality, which is full of energy. You are enthusiastic, liberal, and lively. The Jupiter transit will help in heightening the optimism level and kindness in your personality. The entire cycle of Jupiter is the potential time to relax and be hopeful in your life. Be prepared to greet your life with new freshness and positive as well as energetic attitude during this cycle.

You must leave behind what happened in your past. The key to success is look forward and plan for the future. Keep your eye on the future and work hard to attain the desired results. Several events will occur that will help you to overcome the problems, which previously looking complex and challenging. With a different attitude towards life, you will no longer be worried about the small problems and will overcome those without putting much effort.

During this cycle of Jupiter, you will be an influencer in work place and will create distinct impression on others. This quality will help in increasing your likeability. Eyeing further, the movement planets and heavenly bodies strongly indicates Cancer natives will accomplish their ambitions and interests easily during this time of the year. With such positive energy flowing in your horoscope house at times you will feel sky is the limit. Well, be cautious and prevent yourself from being selfish or self-interested.

There is a risk of over indulgence and sometimes you may go through other forms depicting your excessive behavior. Jupiter may bring stoppage in certain activities of your life, which must not be treated as negative as these are the opportunities to grow. Understand the thin line of difference between the carefree and careless attitude. This is very important for you to avail the benefits from the Jupiter Transit in correct sense.

You must be feeling happy to read all the positive events, which are likely to happen in near future. However, you must know that not all these happiness will come all at the same time. Keep your eyes open and be ready to grab the opportunity that knocks your door. Watch out for the careless attitude and excessive behavior.

Jupiter rules the sixth house of your horoscope chart. If you are a job seeker, this is a good time for you to find a job easily. It is a strong time for self-improvement as Jupiter rules the houses of health, career, and self-care. There are also possibilities of expanding your skills with higher education and travelling to distant places is also foreseen.

Act with confidence and grab the opportunities coming your way.

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Created: Friday, November 15 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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