Jupiter Transit 2014

Jupiter Transit 2014 will be in Cancer zodiac on 19 June 2014. According to Vedic Astrology, Jupiter is considered as the most auspicious planet among all the other nine planets. Jupiter in general is a harmless planet and does not posses any danger. Jupiter will continue to transit in Cancer until 14 July 2015.

Let us take a look at the effect of Jupiter Transit of all the zodiacs.

Jupiter Transit 2014 for Aries

Comforts and luxury will come to the door steps of Aries natives. This time is auspicious for purchasing a vehicle or property. Domestic problems will come to an end and you will feel the peace and prosperity in the family. In terms of career, you will get growth and your reputation among the senior officials will increase. If you are looking for job change you will get success in the same. Donate gram pulses as remedial solution.

Jupiter Transit 2014 for Taurus

Jupiter will be in the 3rd house of your horoscope chart. You will experience the rise in your inner energy. As a result you will get recognition and appreciation in your work. Your popularity will increase and you will enjoy a higher recognition in the society. There are chances of short trips, which will yield profitable results and will be entertaining. Keep

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a check on your eating habits. Your married life will be comfortable and understanding between you two will improve. Worship Goddess Durga as remedial solution during this time.

Jupiter Transit 2014 for Gemini

This time is great for financial progress. The transit will result in the increase in funds and wealth. There will be several auspicious activities taking place in your family. Some good news may also come up to your doorstep. For those who are engaged, chances of getting married are strong. You will get success in your endeavors and your popularity will increase. Donate yellow colored clothes to poor people.

Jupiter Transit 2014 for Cancer

Cancer natives will remain alert and optimistic with the Jupiter transit in their horoscope. Your performance will increase and you will earn great results. During this time you will be at peace and will feel happy. There are possibilities of increase in the income level too. Overall the year 2014 will be in your favor. Give green fodder to the cows in times of trouble.

Jupiter Transit 2014 for Leo

Jupiter is the Lord of fifth house of Leo ascendants. However, the transit of Jupiter in the twelfth house may prove unfavorable. You will be less confident and more doubtful. You need to work hard to overcome your fear and achieve desirable results. By understanding the strategic moves of the opponents you can win a competitive situation. Avoid travelling during this phase.

Jupiter Transit 2014 for Virgo

The time will be in your favor during this time. With this transit you will move into new aspects in your career that will generate great results. You will get all the support from your friends and family. Your spiritual side will be more active and you will gain profits. Water ‘Peepal’ Tree in hard times to get solution of your problems.

Jupiter Transit 2014 for Libra

For the Libra natives the Jupiter Transit is taking place in the tenth house which is the house of karma. As a result you will be pacified. You will generate good results. Those who are involved in the business their business will flourish in this year. The plans of expanding the business will be favorable. Travelling and business trips are foreseen on the cards. Donate almonds in temple to get desired peace.

Jupiter Transit 2014 for Scorpio

This transit will boost your confidence level. The Jupiter transit will take place in your ninth house, which will bring success and fame in our job. Domestic life will be free from hassles. Long distance journeys are foreseen on the cards. Overall, this phase is promising for the Scorpions.

Jupiter Transit 2014 for Sagittarius

This transit is not favorable for Sagittarius as it is taking place in your eighth house. It will make you restless and impatient. The positive part is Jupiter being lord of your zodiac will bring good results too. Financial gains will rise unexpectedly. Stay away from making investments. Donate Ghee, Camphor and Potatoes at religious place when in trouble.

Jupiter Transit 2014 for Capricorn

This phase is promising and time is in your favor as Jupiter transit is in your seventh house. You will get plenty of opportunities and will yield good results. During this phase your family life will be good. You will experience joy and harmony in domestic life as all your worries will vanish. Popularity among the society will increase and will sooth your life. When in trouble worshipping Lord Shiva will help.

Jupiter Transit 2014 for Aquarius

You will meet success however; you need to work hard for the same. It is better that you stay away from all sort of disputes and analyze the strategies of your opponents. In terms of court cases, the time is in your favor. When you face hardships in life, donate clothes and sandalwood at holy places.

Jupiter Transit 2014 for Pisces

This transit will bring you profit as it is happening in your fifth house. An auspicious activity is foreseen on the cards during this phase. You performance will increase and your intellectual level will rise. This is profitable for those who are in business. Promotion is also foreseen for working individuals. You will get support from friends and family. Respect your elders to get peace of mind.

Order for Jupiter Brihaspati Guru Transit Puja.

We do Live telecast of this Jupiter transit Puja online via Internet so that you will be able to watch real time on your PC

Created: Wednesday, February 26 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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