Jupiter Retrograde for different zodiac signs 2015

The planet Jupiter will remain retrograde from the period from 9th December 2014 to 8th April 2015. The retrograde effects of Jupiter on the zodiac signs are as follows:

  1. Aries: for this zodiac sign the planet Jupiter will be in the fourth house. Due to the position of this planet there will be lack of kindness, compassion, broadmindness and friendliness. It is advised not to make the relationship one sided in the home. Other people will get hurt a lot due to the ego of authority and absolute power. In order to avoid the conflicts with other members you need to respect other member’s views and desires. You need to maintain limitations and discipline so that you can be parallel with other member’s.
  2. Taurus: the planet Jupiter is going to oppose your 9th house i.e. the house of your luck, law and religion. Some of the reasons will be developed due to the lack of faith but still it will be due to the lack of analysis and judgment. Due to the retrograde of Jupiter there will be problems in the relationship with brother’s and sisters. You are also going to avoid the learning opportunity provided to you at the workplace.
  3. Gemini: All the materialistic things are going to be affected because the planet Jupiter will retrograde in the second house. Since the planet is the symbol of money therefore all the investments and savings will be overlooked. You will not be responsible enough to handle the burden of financial things. Therefore, it is suggested that whatever you do needs to be done with patience.
  4. Cancer: it is advised to take proper judgments because the retrograde of the planet is going to lead unreliable judging. The unrefined judging is your personality but it will be involved with rational inclination and philosophical attitude. People will notice your self-deception. There can be health issues that can be caused by the planet.
  5. Leo: the retrograde of the planet Jupiter will be placed in the 12th house. Due to the retrograde of the planet there will be loss of many opportunities. You will not be able to balance your inner self but will focus on the external features of life. The ego that you have will control your activities. The bed comforts will be removed from your life. The stress that you have will make you to do hasty decisions. If you obtain the spirituality than the sufferings will be reduced.
  6. Virgo: if the results are concerned than the 12th house is considered to be the best house for the retrograde planets. In this house all the good things occur even if the planets are retrograde. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that you interact with the good gentry when you are involving socially. You should exhibit the good taste and should be discriminating enough to choose the good persons.
  7. Libra: the planet Jupiter is going to be retrograde in the 10th house of the horoscope. Due to the retrograde of the planet you will not be able to impress your superiors due to the lack of dignity, honesty and judgments. Due to this, there will be a halt in your career and you will not grow in your professional life. You will become very lethargic and slow. You can have the serious disease also and there will be mental sluggishness also that will hamper all your activities. You need to avoid mental stress so that your health is maintained in good condition.
  8. Scorpio: the retrograde of the planet Jupiter in the 9th house is considered to be the best transit especially on the time when the natal Jupiter also becomes retrograde. But due to this favor you should not be selfish at all. Do not have the wrong faith in religion because doing so may reduce the achievements in your life.
  9. Sagittarius: the 8th house is the house where the truth is revealed and the society life is maintained well. If any of the slow planets is being retrograde in this house than all the things will get worsen. Therefore, you need to be very assured of all the things that you are doing.
  10. Capricorn: due to the retrograde of the planet Jupiter your time will be very good for you. You need to provide your total dedication to all the things so that you are benefited in a proper manner. If the planet Jupiter is retrograde in the 7th house than you need to be very generous and need to eat lots of fruits.
  11. Aquarius: The planet Jupiter getting retrograde will degrade your health so you need to take care a lot. There can be some secret disease that may crop up in your life. You will have the lot of stress in your life.
  12. Pisces: there will be satisfactory results due to the retrograde of the planet Jupiter. There can be some of the gains in the speculations. You need to focus on the time so that everything goes fine.

Category: Predictions

Created: Wednesday, January 01 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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