Jupiter in Gemini Astrology Predictions for 2013 to 2014

Jupiter in Gemini Astrology Predictions for 2013 – 2014

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From 1st June 2013, Jupiter will transit in the Gemini-Mercury form sign. Gemini is a dual, male and airy sign. It consist constellations of Aardha (Rahu), Punarvasu (Jupiter) and Mrigshira (Mars). All the enthusiasts are waiting to see the shifting of the Jupiter as it is considered as most advantageous planet of all.

From 30 May 2013 to 31 May 2014, Jupiter will be shifting in Gemini. Gemini sign is owned by Mercury. The transition of Jupiter to Gemini can fetch great effects because of different aspects and houses governed by Jupiter. Let us discuss about Jupiter for Gemini in the year of 2013

Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are the slow moving planets. Generally, most of the planet completes their cycle in short span of time. At present Jupiter is star of Mars but the Rashi is quite different. Jupiter is considered as provider of good results and the native is good natured, soft spoken, have friends and children admirer of poetry and deals in pearls and agriculture.

Actually Jupiter is the protector of the bad houses 8, 6 and 12. But during this period, the native can witness decrement in his power or charm. Jupiter will be in below mentioned constellations to following degree:

Mrigshira – Mars – 53″20″ to 66″40″ (23″20 Taurus to 6″40″ Gemini) govern it. Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars rule the quarters.

Ardra – Rahu – the North Node – 66″40″ to 80″00″ (6″40″ to 20″00″ Gemini) govern it. Jupiter and Saturn rule the quarters.

Punarvasu –Jupiter – 80″00 to 93″20 (20″00″ Gemini to 3″20″ Cancer) govern it. Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars rule the quarters.

In the southern region of India, the shifting of the planet of Jupiter is believed to be very auspicious happening. The below mentioned results are obtained by shifting of Jupiter:

  1. 1st house: Better luck, improved health and happy life in the family. I know a native who was not residing with his family but after Jupiter transit into the first house, he started living with his family till transition of Jupiter in the third house. After Jupiter entered in the third house, he also left his family.
  2. 2nd house: The native is required to careful of his/her habits related to food. He should follow a health conscious schedule. There will be development in harmony and improvement in speech with the family members. This is the best for people who are public speaker.
  3. 3rd House: Travel related to religious purpose and happy life with family is expected. There are chances of purchasing new communication gadget by the native. He will be soft with kins and kiths.
  4. 4th house: Probability of change in vehicle for the native. The newly purchased vehicle will prove more cost effective. The native will give preference to his own residence and shift by his own.
  5. 5th house: Possibility of arrival of new member (child birth). Time is favorable for the students. Improved intuition and foresight will be observed. Native will find Holy Scriptures interesting and will be successful in learning mantras. Complete happiness in the native’s external life. Priests, Mantriks, Tantriks and teachers can earn great benefit in this time.
  6. 6th house: Enemies will find it impossible to win. The native will get some divine help. Covered behind the back talks. People who are suffering from some long term disease will get rid of it if they take the right medication. New ideas will be developed for dealing with the difficult person.
  7. 7th house: If the age of native is right for marriage then there are good chances of marriage. Affairs will be converted into marriage. The ideal position of Saturn and Rahu are helpful during it. Good partnerships and abroad travels. Peaceful life with family. If the native is thinking about divorce then it is time for him to reconsider the decision.
  8. 8th house: Interest in hidden truth, occults. Chances of visiting sick person. Even major diseases will be less painful. Beating will be needed at work front. Not a bad period actually.
  9.  9th house: Better relation with father. Behavior of elder people with natives will be positive. . Life turning spiritual and long sought Guru is also possible. Great chances of Pilgrimage trip. Change of place is also on cards.
  10. 10th house: Work will look interesting. Work related issues will be sorted out. Increment in career is possible.
  11. 11th house: Income and friends will increase. Another native, I know got great increment in income with transition of Jupiter in the 11th house in the last few years. He gained a number of new friends and his life filled with happiness. Life and new business will have less tension.
  12. 12th house: Expenses will be under control. Surgeries will be successful. Thoughts about speculation and Nirvana will lead to holy places. Expectation of getting enlightened is also there.

Apart from the houses, shifting of Jupiter also matters a lot as it will experience transit over Saturn, Ketu and Rahu. During transition over natal Saturn, success and new endeavors will be offered. Transition over Ketu offers spiritual thinking and actions. During transition over Rahu, there are chances of loss. Jupiter transition is very beneficial. The results can vary as per location of planets in particular house.

It is crucial to note that Dasha, Pratyantar and Antara are the chief factors responsible for the effects. Fiery and airy signs will be more effected with the transition whereas watery and earthy sign will witness least effect. In the similar way, fixed signs will be least affected where as movable sign will be most affected. The dual signs will face moderate effect.

Airy and movable signs which have Pratyantar and Antara of Jupiter will be affected the most. Do not expect any type of miracle. However, miracle is possible in case of some people but for that planets should be in your favor in the natal horoscope which is needed to be examined carefully by the competent astrologer.

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Created: Friday, May 24 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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