How to worship Skanda Mata on the Fifth Day of Navratri

The fifth Goddess revered in Navratri is ‘Skanda Mata’, the mother of Lord Kartikeya or “Skanda Kumar”. She adores her offspring a whole lot and is named after her child’s name. The establishment of mother child relationship has been laid by Skanda Mata. Skanda implies the person who holds six heads which relates to the psyche and the five senses. It likewise implies one who controls the six devil indecencies: krodha (indignation), mada (sense of self), kaama (sex), matsarya (desire), lobha (eagerness) and moha (passion).Skanda-Mata

Skanda Mata holds her offspring Lord Skanda as a child on her lap. The Goddess has four arms and three eyes. In the two hands she holds lotus, from one underpins her child and with her left hand stipends gifts and shelters to her enthusiasts. She has a splendid composition and sits on a lotus blossom which is the reason she is otherwise called Padamasani and Vidyavahini. The Goddess is the divinity of the earth’s planetary group. It is said that when the unfairness of the devils increments then Skanda Mata rides on a lion to execute them.

Rituals Performed During Skanda Mata Pujan

Customs on this day are carried out consistent with the Panchopkar custom. Skanda Mata is adored as well as Lord Shiva and Brahmaji. An otherworldly vibe is released in the environment which refines the souls of the fans and all their yearnings are satisfied. Skanda Mata favors her aficionados with warmth, inimitable satisfaction and love and takes away their illnesses, inconveniences and sorrows.

Go ahead and perform the Skanda Mata Pujan to get her blessings. The mantra recited in worshipping Skanda Mata is as follows –

Ya Devi Sarv Bhoote Shu Skanda Mata -Rupen Sansthita|

Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namah||

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Created: Wednesday, October 09 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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