How to Remove the Negative Effects of Shani Dhaiya through Shani Dhaiya Puja

Just like the Shani sade sati there is another recognized imaginative transfer of Saturn which is known as Dhaiya, which is the symbol of Saturn transit which can be seen in any of the zodiac sign in a particular horoscope for the duration of two and half years. The particular horoscope which is going to get visited by the Saturn in the 4th or 8th sign adding from the sign where Moon is situated in the birth sign or verve existing graph, at this time Dhaiya of Saturn is considered to be the certainty of that birth sign. It is equally considered as humble discomfort i.e. also known as small panoti, Astham Shani or Kantak Shani.

In context with the Vedic crystal watching, this is not a suitable period as it is insecure together with threat or danger to property, essence and conjugal, budgetary, social and private issues.

Unhelpful effect of Shani Dhaiya

With the unhelpful effects of this Shani Dhaiya one can go through physical and mental health illness, social mortification, quietness or ruin the peace, absence of success, feel very insecure and will face difficulty in getting associated with private connections, projects that are needed to complete but will not get completed on time, bad luck of capability to execute normally, loses steadily, and ineffectualness to liberate commitments as they arrive receivable.

If you are facing dissatisfaction from your business, or having several illnesses marked by creating distress or misery then perhaps you may receivable, you can take the favor of Shani Dev which is also known as ruler.

If you want to untie from displeasure and unhappiness, which is created by above mentioned circumstances you are supposed to attempt for the Puja of Shani Dhaiya which is proposed by us. With the help of this puja you can get quick improvement and will also experience relief from disaster and frustration.

Puja of Shani Sade Sati

This Puja is being proposed by Vedic  Pandit, for those individual who are facing issues related to Shani Sade Sati or when there is any misfortune related to Shani in the birth sign.

An unusual Nakshatra Shanti puja and Shani Graha puja is for those individual who are experiencing from antardasa or mahadasa of shani and facing Shani Dhaiya, Shani Sade Sati or any other misfortune or retrograde or markesha of Shani in the birth sign.

Apart from these issues, we also guide pujan for Sgree Shani Yantra and anything promising meticulous tantric puja by focusing the requirement.

Special Puja for Shani Amavasya

We are also conducting Shani Jayanti Amavasya Puja for every individual to keep the person secure and safe from all the misfortune and ailments which he is experiencing from a long period of time. With the help of this Puja you can keep yourself away from the akaal mrityu or unfavorable death. This Puja is also very helpful for enhancing or increasing the:

  • Stability and budgetary achievements.
  • Helps in working with a smooth flow.
  • It also helps in developing positive thoughts and position.
  • To vacate delayed neediness and payment.
  • It will also help you in minimizing the levels of misfortune which is because of the impact of Saturn and guarantee you to keep you away from all the negative outcomes.

Created: Tuesday, January 15 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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