How to perform Durga Puja in Navratri 2013

Offering supplications throughout this Sharad Navratri 2013 makes goddess Durga joyful. Nevertheless, according to portrayals of mythology, simply fasting, reciting shloka and mantra, performing sacrifices and so on can’t make her cheerful. Along these lines, there is a unique significance of adoring the young girls. Consistent with Hindu mythology, offering extraordinary endowments to young girls is acknowledged favorable throughout these nine days.Kanya Pujan

On the first day, it is favorable to give them blooms. In addition, one make-up thing is an absolute necessity to be given on top of blooms. Offer white blossom to Ma Saraswati with a specific end goal to satisfy her. web domain . Assuming tha
On the second day, offer them fruits. This tree grown foods could be red or yellow for materialistic longing and banana or coconut for attaining separation.t you have any common seek in your heart, offer red colored flowers.

Sweets are offered in the third day after the Druga Puja. Maa Durga becomes happy, if sweets cooked at home like kheer, halwa or yellow rice are nourished on the day.

On day fourth day, there is a worth of giving young girls cloths however as per monetary limit handkerchief and ribbon can also be gifted.

On the Fifth day of Navaratri 2013, people pray for favorable luck and to favor with kid is fancied from goddess Durga. So giving five sort of makeup thing to young girls is acknowledged exceptionally promising. There might be bindi, bangles, heena, kajal, nail paint, talcum powder and so on in them.

On sixth day of Durga Puja 2013, sports items ought to be given to young girls. These days’ distinctive mixtures of game stuff are accessible in business sectors. Prior this custom was restricted up to rope, and minor toys, however now numerous alternatives are accessible in business sectors.

Seventh day is devoted to call Goddess Saraswati. On this day, study material ought to be given to young girls. Diverse sorts of pencil, pen, duplicates, drawing, books, compass, water flask and lunch box are accessible in marketplace


Eight day of navratri is acknowledged as the most terrified day. Goddess gives extraordinary favoring to the individuals who do young girls make up with their own particular hands. Young girls’ feet ought to be washed by milk. Akshat, blossoms and kumkum may as well offer on their feet. Sustenance ought to be given to young girls and offer a few blessings to them according to money related limit. Giving charity is indispensible each day throughout Navratra.

On the ninth day means last of Navratra, nine girls are fed with kheer and puri. In the event that the Hawan is ordered at your home then her hands must offer Samidha. She ought to be food with cardamom & betel. There is a conviction behind this custom that when the Goddess backpedals to her property then she must be seen off as a young girls from her own particular house. Assuming that conceivable, offer young girls a little book of Durga Chalisa.

In this way to convey the best of what you have you are obliged to have monstrous confidence in Goddess Durga.

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Created: Tuesday, September 24 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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