How to do Puja in Adhika Ashad Maas

How to do Puja in Adhika Ashad Maas

Adhik Maas or the Purushottam Maasa is one of the most important periods in the Hindu calendar. Different rituals and different religious duties are performed during this time. A thorough and ritualistic practice of these duties will lead to complete blessing. But, most people do not hav eteh idea of the duties that they are supposed to perform in this time. Hence, knowing them in details is a must. The following are the rituals that you need to perform in the Adhik Maas.

Adhik  Ashad Month date is going to start from 17 June to 16 July 2015.

Maasa snaana

Daily ritualistic performance starts right from the moment of waking up early in the morning, in the Arunodayakala or Brahma Muhurta. This practice of waking up in the Brahma Muhurta must be maintained throughout the Adhik Maas month. After waking up, one needs to take bath in rivers or by fetching water from holy or sacred wells or at holy places like tirthakhsetras. Before one starts bathing, chintana of Ganga Sankalpa needs to be performed.

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Nakta Bhojana

Throughout the day, a strict fasting has to be followed by the devotees and during the night, food can be consumed. It is only once at the night that a devotee is allowed to consume food.

Ayachita Vrata

According to the rituals of Adhik Maasa, none of the rules and practices of this month are supposed to be asked by the devotee to anyone. The devotee should be Yadrichchaalaaba Santrupta or self-contained, without the need for asking anything to anyone.

Dharana parana

The devotees have a leniency of maintaining the fasting session on alternate days. That is to say that there will be 15 days of fasting or upavasa, known as Dharana and 15 days of liberal consumption of food or bhojana, known as Parana.

Tambula Daana

The purpose of practicing these rituals in the Adhik Maasa is to remove the past sins and hence, the sacred practice of donating tambool to married women or Brahmans is considered to be an important one.

Deepa daana

In the worshipping place or room, the ‘Akhanda Deepak’ has to be lit throughout the month. As the name suggests, the light of the lamp should never go off, until the Adhik Maas ends.

Apoopa daana

Adhik Maasa requires you to donate 33 apoopa to Brahmans on every single day of the month. However, the devotee can donate more than 33 apoopas if he or she desires, but it must be made assured that the number should never be less than 33. Apoopa is a sweet dish made with sugar, rice and ghee. In case, it is not possible for the devotee to donate the apoopas daily, he or she can donate it on certain occasions such as Shukla Dwadashi, Krishna Dwadashi, Poornima, Krishna Paksha Ashtmi, Amavasya, Navmi and also Chaturdashi. The donation of the apoopa should accompany some dakshina and a few beetel leaves.

Phala daana

If the devotee is not able to donate apoopa, fruits like mangoes, banana etc. can also be donated. This should also be donated with 33 coins as Dakshina and 33 beetel leaves.

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Kamyakarma shiddha

None of the sacred rituals like upanayan, marriage, graha pravesh etc. are to be practiced in this month. But, it is a good time for performing Havana as well as homa for pleasing Shri hari Vishnu. The month, however, does not prohibit any ritualistic practice that has been already started prior to Adhik Maas. It can well be continued. But none of the new karma can be started in this month.


If Samvatsarika Shraddha is falling in the Adhik Maasa, it should be practiced in the Nija Maas. Whereas if it falls in the Vaishakha Maas, it should be practiced in the regular Vaishakah Maas. But it cannot be practiced in the Adhik Vaishaka Maas. Only regular monthly Shraddha can be done in Adhik Maas.


In case both the Chaturmasa and Adhik maas fall together, the devotee must observe both rituals and occasions. On the other hand, in case the Shaka Vratha occurs during this time, it has to be observed for two months.

Mahalaya Maasa

In case of Adhik Maas appearing during Bhadrapada Maas, the Mahalaya Paksha needs to be observed in both Nija Bhadrapada Maas andAdhik Maas.

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Created: Saturday, May 09 2015
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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