How to do laxmi kubera pooja at home on Diwali

How to do laxmi kubera pooja at homegoddess-mahalaxmi

Laxmi kubera puja is done on the day of Diwali. The goddess Laxmi and Lord Kubera symbolizes the blessings related to wealth and prosperity. According to the Indian Mythology, Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi had some quarrel and in anger, she left for earth. She was now the daughter of the rich king. Her name was Goddess Padmavati. Lord Vishnu was in search of her and therefore, came to earth and became as forest dweller. He met Padmavati and wanted to marry her but this was not possible as he had no money. In this case, he borrowed money from Lord Kubera as he was the god of treasures. Lord Kubera had a condition that he had to pay the debt while his stay on earth.  The debt was very high and therefore, he took the blessings of Dhan laxmi in order to return to vaikunth.

How the Diwali laxmi  puja is performed?

In this way, Lord Kubera is also worshipped along with Laxmi. This puja is known as Laxmi Kubera Puja. Now, clean the place where the puja has to be performed. The idols of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha are kept in the pooja thali. Along with the idols, kalash, fruits, sweets etc are also kept in that thali.  Lamps are lighted with ghee. Dhoop and scent sticks are also used. The garlands are put over the idols of gods and Goddesses. Proper decoration of room is done and then the pujan is performed. Aarti and mantras are enchanted and all the family members participate in this puja. People often ask punditji to perform the puja as they follow proper procedures. You can also take advice from them in order to know about the rituals.

After the puja, the entrance of the house is decorated with the candles and lamps. The crackers are burnt and the kids enjoy themselves. The prashad is distributed among the family members. People enjoy themselves as it is the only time when all the family members can enjoy themselves and celebrate this festival with fun and the feeling of brotherhood.


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Created: Thursday, October 10 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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