How to do Diwali Laxmi Pujan – Lakshami Puja

How to do Diwali Laxmi Pujan – Lakshami  Puja

Laxmi-Goddess of Beauty an Wealthd

Diwali Laxmi Puja 2013

Laxmi Puja

According to the Indian mythology, Goddess Laxmi, the daughter of learned Bhrigu, took shelter in the milk ocean when the gods went to exile. Laxmi took rebirth when the ocean was churned. The gods fell in love with the beauty of Laxmi when they saw her. Laxmi was claimed as the wife of Shiva but Lord Vishnu took her hand as Lord Shiva took Moon already. Laxmi is the goddess of beauty, light, good fortune and wealth.

Steps to perform Laxmi pujan

The Laxmi pujan must be performed with proper arrangements. The steps to perform this puja are mentioned below. Have a look!

  1. Take a raised platform and spread a new cloth on it. Place some grains on the central part of the platform and then put a kalash over it. The kalash can be made up of Silver, gold, copper or terracotta. Fill water in the three forth portion of the kalash. Then, you have to place one betel nut, a coin, flowers and rice grains on it. Place some mango leaves or leaves on the kalash. A small dish is also placed on the kalash. Fill it with the rice grains. Then, draw lotus and it must be drawn with the turmeric powder on the rice grains. The idol of Goddess Laxmi must be placed on this with some coins.


  1. In the front portion of the kalash, on the south-west direction (on the right), the idol of Ganesha must be placed. It is also advised that the books and ink related to your occupation and business must also be placed. Light the lamp and puja must begin. Offer kumkum, haldi and flowers to the water placed at the altar where puja is performed.


  1. Goddess Laxmi is invoked and vedic mantras are recited which are addressed to her.  The mantras which are there in the Purans are also recited. You can also think about the Goddess Laxmi who is showered with the coins of gold and two elephants standing by her sides. Now offer flowers to her idol by closing your eyes and thinking about her.


  1. Pour water, curd, panchamrit, honey, ghee, and sugar on the idol of Laxmi by placing it in the plate. You can also pour some water which contains the ornaments of pearl and gold. Now, wipe the idol in a proper way and then place it on the kalash.





  1. You can offer gulal, abeer, kumkum, haldi, perfume, saffron paste and sandal paste to Godess Laxmi. Then place cotton beads garland to her idol. Offer the flowers, Bel leaves to her. Light dhoop and incense stick. Offer tambul, fruits, coconut and sweets.


  1. Now, aarti must be performed. Take a small bell and use it during aarti. Do not make loud noises. Avoid clapping hands. Goddess Laxmi loves peaceful ambience and therefore, crackers must be avoided during the puja.


Follow these steps to perform the aarti and make your diwali special with your family and relatives.


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Created: Thursday, October 10 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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