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Festival of joy and colors: Holi


In 2015 Holi is celebrated on 6th March. Festival of Holi comes with a large bang of joy, frolic and fun. Forget all disputes and become good friends to celebrate the festival of joy and colors. Enjoy the colors of different beautiful relations, life is full of colors and take a dip in colorful shade of love.

Every year, the festival of Holi is enjoyed on the day of full moon in the month of Phalgun (Hindu month). In 2015, Holi celebrates on 6 March. Holi means fun, entertainment; get together, enjoyment, lots of dancing and music, along with colorful atmosphere all around.

All over the world, celebration of Holi festival is done with great enthusiasm. In India, the festival of Holi is considered the day when people avoid or forget all the differences and disputes with love and apply colors on each other.

The festival of Holi is celebrated on a big scale and has many rituals and traditions related with it. Before 2015 Holi celebration there are many other information that should be known.  Let’s have a view, so, that in 2015 Holi festival could be celebrated in the most colorful way possible-

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Blooming joyful season on Holi 2015

As soon as the New Year day arrives, people starts getting excited, after a few months of New Year, the festival of joy and colors arrives. In month of February, the day of Basant Panchami is enjoyed that calls for the beginning of spring season. Spring season also indicate Holi because the festival of Holi is considered as sign of spring season’s freshness, joy and happiness.

After Holi, summer season comes and winter season take a leave. All the fields and gardens bloom with flowers and create the entire environment colorful. In 2015 Holi will sign a beginning of blooming festive season; they will have many of the colors in the life of people. Celebrate 2015 Holi with an aroma of colors and make your life even more colorful.

2015 Holi: importance of the Holi

Festival of Holi brings many different cultures together.  Holi the colorful festival, it has many different reasons for celebrations.

Holi portray the good always wins and evil always learn a defeat. In today’s world, many of bad practices are prevailing in the society, festival of Holi is the perfect time to remove all the bad thoughts that form in the heart and celebrate the festival of colors with excitement as well as joy.

In 2015 Holi should be celebrated with everyone by keeping one thing in mind that they will burn or destroy all bad thoughts in the Holi bonfire and make their life colorful as the festival of joy and colors i.e. Holi.

As now you well know the importance of the festival Holi, also you understand that why it is essential to celebrate this festival in 2015.

Legends of Holi

The theme of Holi celebration is: good wins over bad (evil). If an individual has full devotion towards the Almighty, all the troubles will get solved.  There are many mythological legends that are related with Holi. Now, let’s have a view at these legends:

Legend of Prahlad

Hiranyaskasyap was a bad king. After getting boon that he could not be killed in day or night, man or animal and inside or outside he started believing that he is the lord of the universe and also wanted that every person in his kingdom worship him only as a God. Everyone in his kingdom used to follow his all order due to death fear while Prahlad his own son did not follow his father’s orders.  Prahlad had a great faith in God Vishnu and he performs the worship of God Vishnu with great devotion and dedication. Hiranyakashyap didn’t like behavior of his son and he many times tried to harm Prahlad but due to blessing of Lord Vishnu, prahlad was saved from every war. After many wars Hiranyakashyap could not succeed, at last he called Holika. His sister Holika gained a boon; she can’t get burnt in fire. So, the Hiranyakashyap ordered her sister to enter along with Prahlad in fire.

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Holika influence Prahlad to sit in her lap and then she entered into fire along with Prahlad. When Prahlad entered with Holika in the fire, he started chanting the name of Lord Vishnu.  After sometime, she started getting burnt because the boon would work only when she will enter in the fire alone and she forget it. So, again Prahlad was saved by the blessing of Lord Vishnu.

Since from that time, the day was celebrated as the day of Holika Dahan that means burning of Holika. Holika Dahan is celebrated before a day of Holi. On this day, wood is burnt and it is believed as Holika is being burnt.

Radha- Krishna Legend

It is said that God Krishna has dark complexion, because he had a poison which is given by a demon. Due to that poison God Krishna did not die rather the evil spirit himself died. Due to poison Lord Krishna turned into blue.

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God Krishna once asked his Yashoda mother that why he had dark complexion and why Radha is so fair. After listening Kanha, Yashoda mother said Kanha to go and color the face of Radha. So, Krishna took their mother words serious and colored face of Radha and made her look like him. Krishna played with colors with Gopis and friends of Radha in his village.

Colorful day of Holi with Natural Colors

Holi is popular as the “Festivals of Joy and Colors”. On this day, there are different colors all around and the environment becomes colorful. The festival of colors i.e. Holi is also known as spring festival. People get excited and celebrate the exit of winter season and welcoming the season of spring.

Through the festival of Holi comes in March month, still the enthusiasm and happiness could be seen in people hearts. Even the markets are decorated and could be seen celebrating the Holi festival even before arrival of the festival of colors.

In 2015, this year market could be seen decorated with lots of colors everywhere. All the shades of colors could be seen in the markets. Try to use natural colors in 2015 instead of using chemical colors. In 2015 Holi, try to avoid the use of chemical based colors they give harmful effects.

2015 Holi: two days of celebration and excitement

Everywhere the festival Holi spirit could be seen. Everyone could be seen in the joy and excitement.  Festival of colors is a celebration of 2 days:

The Bonfire Night: Holika Dahan

A day of Holika Dahan is celebrated before the festival of Holi. This year Holika Dahan is celebrated on 16th March 2015. During night, this day is enjoyed by organizing a bonfire, which is made by lots of wood, cow dung and wheat grains. Then, take a parikrama of that bonfire. It is believed that on this day Holika got burnt and similarly, on this day bad thoughts will also get burnt.

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Day of colors: Dhulendi

The day of colors i.e. Dhulendi is the most awaited and excited day it comes after the day of Holika Dahan. This day is celebrated by youngsters, children and oldies with great joy and zeal. On the auspicious day of Holi people colors the face of each other by using gulal and different colors. On this day, children take blessings of elders by putting colors on their feet. Then, everyone celebrates the day of Dhulendi by drinking Bhang (Marijuana) and dancing.

2015 Holi: celebrations in India

India is the land where there is unity in diversity. People from different traditions become united and celebrate the festival of Holi together, but enjoyed in their own manner. The spirit to celebrate this day is just same everywhere. Let’s take a view to know various ways of Holi celebrations all over the India:

In Barsana: Lathmaar Holi

Barsana is a name of village nearby Mathura. In Mathura city, Radha took birth. The men from birthplace of Krishna i.e. Nandgaon comes to Mathura city to play the festival of colors, Holi. Barsana’s Holi is popular as Lathmaar Holi, in this people comes to play festival of color and they are meet with sticks. Since, men come in well prepared manner because they know that they have to face all this. The next day Mathura city females go to Nandgaon and then all are colored by the males of that place. It looks that no one feels hurt rather it becomes a best view that everyone is celebrating the festival all together.

Celebrations in Bihar

Bihar is also famous for the Holi celebration. In Bihar, at the night a bonfire is organized and on the next day, a festival of colors is celebrated. Bonfire is lighted by the head of the family. On this day, all younger members of the family put colors on the elder’s feet. On this day, Phalgun folk songs are listen and sung.

Celebrations in Delhi

In Delhi, the Holi festival celebrates with great zeal and happiness.  It has the unity of people from all around India even from the globe. So, Delhi celebrates an amazing Holi. In 2015, Delhi will again make a witness to same excitement and happiness with extreme fun. Many of the colonies manage the programs at their place and celebrate the day.

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