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Health Prediction Report


Order Id: 101

Name: A A A  ,Male

Date Of birth:  07-Oct-1957

 Time Of Birth:  01 : 15

Place Of Birth: Armori / next to nagpur, maharastra, india

Dear Sir/ Madam


Kindly read be carefully of your Annual Prediction. I fill very well for providing me with this opportunity to research your horoscope. Kindly note that I am giving guideline only. and also try to best for you.  But all of good and bad events are hand of god, so I wish you luck and pray to god that you overcome all obstacles in your life.


Best Regards,


Pt. Lokesh.

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According Indian Vedic Astrology you are born with Leo Ascendant (Singh Lagna) and


Your Birth Moon sign is Capricorn , Makar Rashi. Your birth star or Nakshatra is Uattarashdha 2nd pada.


Rahu and Ketu are retrograde (Vakri), Mars is in Neech Rashi sign Mercury, Mars and Venus are combust or in a sleep mode.


Presently you are going to Dasha Bhukti of Rahu – Saturn till 10 Nov 2015.


Medical astrology Forecast


According to Indian Vedic astrology, ascendant indicates our body and physical appearance, 6th house indicates diseases and enemies in general, 8th house indicates longevity, accidents, and chronic / fatal diseases, 12th house denotes hospitalization & confinement in bed and consequent loss of health and the 11th house signifies recovery from illness.


As per your natal chart, there is Aries sign occurring over the ascendant. Its lord Mars is located in the 4th house with Rahu and Moon, Due to Mars placement of the Cancer sign Mars is debilitated in your chart. Hence your ascendant lord Mars is weak so your health will be average. You will have to take good care of health. Any kind of careless attitude will create health problems.


Mercury and Venus are placed in the 7th house so your 7th house is aspected by Mercury and Venus. Aspect of two auspicious planets on the ascendant you will protect you from negative situation. It will give you strength and mental peace. You are intelligent person. You will face problems with courage. You will have good vitality and enthusiasm for a lot of activities.




Virgo sign is rising in the 6th house and its lord Mercury is placed in the 7th house. Sun, Saturn and Jupiter are placed in the 6th house.  Due to placement of the two enemy Sun and Saturn in the 6th house I can see health problems  Possibly, your body parts, which are prone to diseases, will be primarily the Stomach, liver, lungs, & kidneys. You are a disease prone native and will remain confined to bed or in the hospital periodically and at times, the diseases will be critical.


Medical Astrology postulates that if a malefic is posited in the sixth house, stomach disorders will haunt the native. Obstructions of or limitations in health can come into play with this position. Diet may need to be watched and improved as your body may not assimilate everything it needs from the food you eat. Perhaps taking vitamins would help in this regard. Exercise would certainly be beneficial. However placement of the Jupiter in the 6th house will give you some relief in health problem.


Scorpio sign is rising in the 8th house . Mars is not only your ascendant lord, Mars is also lord of the 8th house in your chart. This affliction will lead to your suffering from long lasting chronic & critical diseases, which at times will be life threatening. You will be prone to accidents and can have a say on the longevity.


Pisces sign is rising in the 12th house its lord Jupiter is placed in the 6th house with Sun and Saturn. This combination of stars indicates that you will have to hospitalize many times in your life. Therefore diseases concerning  Eye disease, Headache, Fever, Stomach disorder, intestinal complaints, skin diseases, mental disorder, eczema, itches, scabies, sore throat, tonsils, Leprosy, Kidney problems. Hernia, Bronchitis, liver complaints, jaundice, heart or blood disease


It is to be remembered that the above is an exhaustive list of indication provided to you. It is not the rule that all diseases, as mentioned above will happen during the life time. It has been generally seen that most of the diseases, out of the list happens  but with different velocity and intensity whereas some may not occur in life at all. The purpose of providing this list is to make you aware your weak body parts so that if any symptom arises in the said areas, you can seek immediate medical attention and can tackle the disease at the first stage without neglecting the same and consequently allowing it to develop into a full blown complicated illness.


According to Indian Vedic astrology, the 11th house signifies recovery from illness. In your horoscope 11th lord Saturn is placed in the 6th house so you will be slow recover  from diseases



 Final Conclusion


I have deeply analyzed your horoscope and found out you may suffer due to health problems.  Your horoscope is prone to diseases. You may face troubles in maintaining good health. Hence, you must be extra careful about your health. You do not have a good recovery factor. Possibly, due to medical treatments, you would be overcoming all kinds of health problems. But, recovery might be slow. Overall, the most important areas of concern are the skin, weight and stomach related.


But you should not be loosed you heart you should perform remedy for Sun, Mars and Saturn for good health.


You are in the main period of Ketu and Venus till 8th January 2014


Venus is enemy of ascendant lord Jupiter and a malefic planet in your chart. Your health will be concern for you. You might suffer due to a number of diseases during this period. You might feel insure yourself and you will find confusing atmosphere surrounding you. In-fact, this is a not a good period for health related matters. You may face depression, weakness or urine related problems.


You will be in the main period of Ketu and Venus from 8th January 2014 to 13th May 2014

Sun is luck lord and well place. But Sun and Ketu both is enemy. This will be good time for health. Some minor problems will be there and these will be related to eyes, bones and blood.





What would happen to my career? My job contract ends in july end, would I get a further job before that? If so when would I get a job? I am trying for permanent job for career progression, when would that happen? What can I do to improve my luck/career? Any gemstone or remedy? Marriage life unhappy.would it end in divorce?or would it drag on?


Current time is good for career. After 20 August 2011 you will get some permanent job. In your horoscope 8 stars are placed in the Kendra so you will get some great success in your career. You should wear a Diamond as a lucky stone as a remedy you should donate food to poor people on Tuesday and Saturday for good professional life.  Regarding married life After August 2011 you will see some improvement but overall your married life will be average so you should ready for compromise.



These remedies have to be performed for success and eradicating/diluting the malefic effects of the planets. All favorable periods and analysis would work to its maximum strength if these remedies are performed. These remedies have to be performed once and as far as possible have to be performed as soon as possible. Kindly, also note that if the remedies are not performed according to proper Vedic methods then these won’t give any results.  



Dear Mr. A A A, you need to perform Ganapathy Homam. This is an excellent Homam when you are facing obstacles and difficulties in your specific objective. This is also an excellent Homam for removing obstacles in your health.  Arrange for performing this Homam by a learned and qualified Purohit (You would need to look for a Purohit who can perform this with a proper vidhi vidhan according to Vedic method). This would give the desired results.

Dear Mr. A A A, you need to perform Mars Puja. Mars Puja will improve your professional and married life. You need to appease Mars to dilute the malefic effects of Mars. Arrange for performing this Puja by a learned and qualified Purohit (You would need to look for a Purohit who can perform this with a proper vidhi vidhan according to Vedic method). This would give the desired results.

Dear Mr. A A A, you need to perform Lakshmi-Kuber Homam. Lakshmi-Kuber Homam is performed for the purpose of gaining legitimate wealth and removing obstacles in Career. Arrange for performing this Homam by a learned and qualified Purohit (You would need to look for a Purohit who can perform this with a proper vidhi vidhan according to Vedic method). This would give the desired results. This is also going to help you in your career problems.

Dear Mr. A A A, you need to perform Nakshatra Puja. Indian Vedic Astrology considers Nakshatra (in which we are born), to be the important aspect of our lives. Nakshatra indicates our attitude, even our physical appearance and our future. It is said in our Vedas that Nakshatra Puja is very important in our lives. Arrange for performing this Homam by a learned and qualified Purohit (You would need to look for a Purohit who can perform this with a proper vidhi vidhan according to Vedic method).

Dear Mr. A A A, you need to perform Navagraha Homam.  The nine “grahas” or planets in our horoscope control our karma, our desires and their outcomes. Each of these nine planets exerts an influence in our lives, which is called “Dasha” and it can be known from one’s horoscope. Navagraha Puja is undertaken to reduce the negative effects and improve the positive energies related to a person. Arrange for performing this Homam by a learned and qualified Purohit (You would need to look for a Purohit who can perform this with a proper vidhi vidhan according to Vedic method). This would give the desired results.


Mantra Remedies

Do Jap for 27 time Daily —




Yagya Remedies

You need a Complete Yagya for Mool  Jyeshtha Nakshtra. Because  you are born  in Mool Nakshtra and  you must need shanti  of  this. Click Here for More.

Gemstone Remedies

              You may wear Pearl  in 3 to 5 K under the ring finger Monday Morning.

Rudraksha Remedies

              You may wear a combination Rudraksha Kavach of Capricorn Sign.

Yantra Remedies

              You should keep Sampurna Shree Yantra for growth business, relationship, health and all other purpose. This is multipurpose Yantra.


Other Remedies


# To solve Health Problem you should to do Mahamritunjay Mantra Jap 125000 times with trend pundits. It’s also powerful precautions for health.


# Keep Mahamritunjaya Yantra every time with you.


# Lord Shiva is a president of all lord. So he is call Mahadev also every month         you should perform Rudra Puja. You may start fast of Monday too.

# You should wear a complete Rudraksha Kavach for best recovery of your health. This is called Sampoorn Raksha Kavach or Whole Protection Kavach Combination of Rudraksha.

# For Recover of health you may wear Yellow Sapphire in Pendant.


1. Visit Hanuman temple on Tuesday

2.Perfrom Goddess mahalaxmi worship daily

3  Offer banana to cow on Thursday

4. Donate milk and sugar on Monday

5. Keep sriyantra at home

6. Keep Gangajal at home


Special Note:


I am sure to you for all remedies have to be performed for success and decreasing the bad effects of planets. With help of all remedies you increase good chance may get strong able position during the bad period of planets. All remedies will have to perform as soon as possible.

                   In case of any difficulty or clarification please feel free to revert back to me and I would be glad to answer your queries.


You may use Live Chat option to solve any Query.


Best Regards,

Pt. Lokesh Da. Jagirdar

Astrologer and Yagyacharya

Shree Navgrah Mandir Khargone

M P. India

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Created: Thursday, November 21 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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