Hanuman Jayanti 2015

This year the Hanuman Jayanti will be celebrated on 4th of April. This year all the devotees who are in the problem can pray to the Lord and can ask for the peace in the life. All the harmony and peace will be attained if the puja is done properly. The Hanuman Jayanti is also referred by the name Mahavir Jayanti. On 4th April the birthday of Lord Hanuman is celebrated. There are different names of the Lord like Bajrang Bali, Vanara Devta, Sankat Mochan, Anjaneya, Maruti, Pavan Putra, Pawan Kumar etc. The birthday of Lord Hanuman is generally celebrated in the Chaitra Month of the bright fortnight i.e. on the 15th day of Shukla Paksha. This day is also popular with the name of Chaitra Purnima. In different parts of India, Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated in different months like in Orissa; the Jayanti is celebrated in the Oriya month of Vaishakha while the Tamilians celebrate in the Tamil month of Margazhi.

History of Lord Hanuman

According to the Hindu mythology, it is believed that Lord Hanuman is the son of Anjana who had been an Apsara. She was married to Kesari but due to some curse she was born as a female monkey on the earth and was also holding a child in her womb. It is also believed that the king of Ayodhya Dasaratha, was also praying for the child and was performing a ritual to get the same. The same ritual the Anjana was performing with her husband in the forest. All the devotion and dedication made the Lord Dasaratha to get the pudding which he needs to divide among his three wives.

At the place of ritual, the Lord Vayu arrived and flewed a kite with his divine ordinance. This kite took away the fragment of the pudding with it and dropped the fragment at the place where the Anjana was doing the ritual. As the blessing, Anjana took this pudding and the Lord Hanuman was born to her. Basically, the main father of the Lord Hanuman is considered to be the Lord Vayu because of him only the Bajrang Bali came into existence.

The Lord Hanuman is considered to be the devotee of Lord Rama. The legend behind this is that the Lord Hanuman played the significant role in bringing back the Sita, wife of Lord Hanuman. The Lord Hanuman met the Lord Rama, during the Rama exile period. At the time of Sita abduction Lord Rama was looking for his consort who was abducted by Ravana. Lord Rama choosed him because he was able to alter his size and was able to disguise his appearance. The Lord Hanuman was also able to fly so he was able to reach Lanka. After reaching Lanka, Hanuman identified Lord Sita and gave her the ring of Lord Rama so that she can have the trust that Lord Hanuman is sent by Rama only. After sometime, the Ravana came to know the presence of Lord Hanuman so he sent his soldiers to find him and light up the tail with fire. Hanuman started frustrating them by altering his size and increasing the length of the tail and burnt the Lanka with his tail. Lord Hanuman was considered to be the messenger between the Lord Rama and Sita. Hanuman also helped in bringing the medicated plant which can cure the wounds of Lakshmana.

On the day of Hanuman Jayanti, people keep fasts and it is basically observed by the men. People take bath early in the morning and clean the house properly. The Hanuman Chalisa is also enchanted and the mantras are being recited for 108 times. The following mantra is being recited

Yatra yatra raghunatha kirtanam;
Tatra tatra kritha masthakanjalim;
Bhaspavaari paripurna lochanam;
Maarutim namata raakshasanthakam.

Created: Tuesday, January 13 2015
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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