Free Horoscope 2018 | Free Astrology 2018 | Free Vedic Astrology Prediction 2018

Free Horoscope 2018 | Free Astrology 2018 | Free Vedic Astrology Prediction 2018

What will bring new year 2018 for you. What you have to plan for year ahead 2018. What should I have to remedies for bad effects. All this questions now answer by Vedic Astrologer Pandit Lokesh Jagirdar by this New Year Free Horoscope 2018. I hope this is short but as soon we will provide you details Free Astrology Predictions for all zodiac Sign with Remedies.

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Free Aries Horoscope 2018  | Free Aries Astrology 2018

Aries in 2018 predicts that the beginning of the year will be full on energy and determination. Wise decisions will bring you good news in this year. Domestic life will be in chaos as you will feel lack of happiness and contentment at home. This may happen due to hectic schedule and skipping meals. First quarter might not be good for health. Income would increase and you will rise in career. Long journeys will be fruitful and will get you good results. After mid-October, your earning might reduce a bit and some hard work will be required. Health of children might go down and marital life will demand for more if your time and commitment. You will be able to win other’s heart. Occasional detachment from work is likely. Overall, this year will be a good and progressive year for you.

Free Taurus Horoscope 2018 | Free Taurus Astrology 2018

There will be aggression in the beginning which might affect you adversely. You need to focus on your health at this time. Gradually, you will gain power and wish to achieve something. During this year, you need to work really hard to gain success. There might be some disappointment in work front. After October, your finance will increase and your marital life will gain bliss. As per the Taurus Horoscope 2018, some short trips will bring good results. You might also go for pilgrimage. You need to avoid disputes and clashes as they may lead to wealth loss. Try to stay away from controversy or scandals as it may harm your image. There are possibility of health issues, so keep a watch on your food. You may spend on religious work and your spouse. Overall, this will be an average year where you will learn many new things. You will have good marital life and financial position.

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Free Gemini Horoscope 2018 | Free Gemini Astrology 2018

The expressing power of Gemini will help you this year. However, during first month you need to watch what you speak. You may go away from residence in order to expand your work and you will earn good. However, it will keep you away from your loved ones. So, try to keep a balance between your personal as well as professional life. As per 2018 astrological predictions, Gemini natives especially children will be naughty but they will learn new things in life and do well in their fields. If unmarried, you are likely to tie a knot by end of this year with your desired partner. Expenditure would increase during the last quarter of the year. Health will fluctuate and you may feel some issues related to air borne disease. Business will bring more benefits during this year. Your hard work will lay the foundation of your professional success. Overall, this year will provide you with many opportunities to grow and succeed.

Free Cancer Horoscope 2018 | Free Cancer Astrology 2018

As per the 2018 Horoscope predictions, Cancer natives will feel more energetic and will wish to lead others. You may have some issues with your loved ones in terms on understanding and this may sour relationships. Domestic life would be harmonious with some occasional tiffs. You would gain reputation at work place and profile will enhance. Your social status will also increase. Your main focus should be your health, as there are chances of developing chronic diseases. You may feel lack of happiness in your marital life. Try to avoid heated arguments with your partner. There will be rise in the expenditures. Earning will come various sources, but you should control your excessive expenditures. Students are likely to do well and will gain determination. You would enjoy your life for which you need to work hard. Overall, this year will be quite favourable with some challenges.

Free Leo Horoscope 2018 | Free Leo Astrology 2018

As per the astrological predications of 2018 for Leo natives. You will gain interest in religious pursuits. Health of your siblings may suffer during Jan-Feb. Love life will have mixed phases. On one side, you will face misunderstandings but on the other side you will enjoy the fresh breeze of love with your loved ones. Your actions will pave the path of your success. Avoid laziness. You will get the feeling that your life is going ahead and situations are coming your way and you will rise financially. Children will put extra efforts and you need to take care of them as well as support them. There are chances of foreign journeys. After mid-October, domestic life as well as professional life will take positive turn.

Free Virgo Horoscope 2018 | Free Virgo Astrology 2018

As per Virgo Horoscope 2018, this will be high achieving year for you. Ample of opportunities will come your way. Your social circle will be highly active and there will be rise in your social status too. You will spend good time with your friends and loved ones. Students may lack concentration. But, hard work will be key to success. You need to take care of children, as some health issues would prevail and they may feel some irritation. You would enjoy a good professional life. Your efforts will lead to success. Inflow of income will be good throughout the year. Some unexpected gain is likely to come during the month of January. After October, this will likely to increase more. You may have gains through your spouse, but they might feel low on energy till October. However, you will get full support from them. Some sacred ceremony will take place in family. Overall, this year will be more beneficial for you in all terms. All you need is to maintain peace in domestic life and avoid tiffs.

Free Libra Horoscope 2018 | Free Libra Astrology 2018

As per astrology 2018 predictions, Libra natives will be in energetic mode during the start of the year. However, aggression will be there, which needs to be controlled in order to enjoy domestic as well as marital bliss. Your health may be low between January to March. Keep a check on what you speak, as it may hurt sentiments of others. Work place will be a good place where your ideas would get shape and things will come in your favour. Avoid being lazy Colleagues will be quite neutral, so you need to depend on your own capabilities. There are chances of increase in earnings. Your own efforts will lead into new ventures. There will be lack of contentment and happiness in domestic life as you will feel detached and may not be able to give desired time to your family. There will be several short journeys as well as long journeys as on the card too. Students need to work hard to taste the fruits of success. Overall, a progressive year for you. You should focus on increasing income avenues.

Free Scorpio Horoscope 2018 | Free Scorpio Astrology 2018

According to horoscope 2018, Scorpion natives will face some challenges and if you are ready for it, the achievements will come your way. Your health may decline during Jan to March. After that you will get rid of such issues and gain strength. You will dominate your opponents. As far as finance are considered, there will be expenditures till October that will affect your finance. After October, good results will come to you. Those who are interested in going abroad for education, this year is perfect for them. Children will enjoy the life and become naughty. Domestic life would be in harmony during most of the year. Marital life will bring good results. Workplace will be challenging but progressive. Overall, mixed results will be seen.

Free Sagittarius Horoscope 2018 | Free Sagittarius Astrology 2018

As per the horoscope predictions of 2018 for Sagittarius, this year will provide you with several opportunities to grow further in life. Your determination will be high enough to make this year a perfect one. Income flow will increase by the month of March. After the month of May, your expenditures would increase. However, after that again you will be on the right track. Hence, you need not worry about finances. You will be inclined towards increasing the earning avenues and you will succeed in earning through more than one resource. Saturn will prepare you to work hard. Avoid becoming workaholic as it may cause health problems. Drive carefully. Children and students will perform very well. Domestic life will be good and harmonious with some small occasional issues. Marital life will get good results, but health of your spouse will give you hiccups. Overall, it will be good year for you. Keep a check on your health.

Free Capricorn Horoscope 2018 | Free Capricorn Astrology 2018

In this year you will be able to understand what life is all about. One side, there will be expenditures that would make your feel financially declined whereas on the other side, health issue will cause problems. However, you are certain to get some foreign connections which will help you with the financials. You will also get inclined towards spirituality and feel detached from the materialistic world. At workplace you will gain authority but try to stay away from controversies. You profile and reputation both will increase at work place and you are likely to get a new project. Student will do fine and will be inclined towards education and learning new things. Maintain good relations with elders and seniors as they may extend you a favour. Domestic life will flourish and bond of togetherness would gain more strength. In marital life, some misunderstanding would take place, which needs to be carefully avoided. After October, your married life will improve and you would enjoy good personal life. Overall, a year to excel in life and improve your weakness.

Free Aquarius Horoscope 2018 | Free Aquarius Astrology 2018

This is year for Aquarius. You decision will lay the foundation of your growth during the year. Your main focus would be on increasing your wealth and because of your hard efforts, you will be able to make this year a profitable one. Your financial status will enhance. Long journeys are likely to happen. You will take wise and productive decisions. Your state of health will be strong and you will get rid from all sort of past illness. At workplace seniors will appreciate your work. Marital life will have essence of love and affection. The first two months of this year will be challenging, as there may be some tiffs or health issues with your spouse. Those who are in love relations, this year will demand more time and focused attention from you towards your partner. Students would work hard to stay focused. Overall, a positive and progressive year is ahead of you.

Free Pisces Horoscope 2018 | Free Pisces Astrology 2018

As per the horoscope predictions of 2018, Pisces natives need to take care of their health in this year. After the month of October, you will be able to enjoy your life. Over stress and workaholic nature may trouble you. At workplace you believe in putting all your efforts to get the desired results. Seniors will be demanding, hence you need to cope up with all these things at a single point of time. January will be challenging period for finance, hence postpone the financial matters for upcoming months. Undesired journeys may take place. Marital life will be in good essence and your spouse would extend their level best efforts to help you in your work. You may change your current residence. Students will develop short methods in their studies to get good results, but you need to explain the importance of hard work. Overall, this year will be an year where you should keep your health on the first priority and maintain work life balance.

Created: Thursday, February 16 2017
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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