Festival of Baisakhi 2015

The festival of Baisakhi is considered to be the very popular festival for the people who live in the Punjab region. This festival keeps the special importance for those who are in the rural areas of the Punjab. On this day, they harvest their crops and then sell it in the market to earn money. This is the very ancient festival being celebrated by all the Punjabis regardless of their religion. The Punjabis who are Sikhs for them this festival keeps the special importance. In the year of 2015 this festival will be celebrated on 14th April. According to the Hindu Solar Calendar Sikhs celebrate this day as their New Year as on this day their crops are ready for the harvest. Sikhs celebrate this day because on this day there is the formation of Khalsa.

It is being believed that on this day, Guru Gobind Singh in 1699 who was the last Sikh Guru established the Khalsa. Guru Gobind Singh eliminated all the differences between the higher and lower caste communities and declared that all the human beings are equal. All the devotees, on this day thanks to God for granting the good harvest to them. This day is also celebrated as the day when the brotherhood was commenced. People celebrate this day by dancing, performing folk music, feasting and enjoying fairs. The melas are being organized on this day so that the festival can be enjoyed in a more joyous manner. The Golden Temple is being decorated and it seems like some carnival is happening. People get dressed in a very traditional manner and celebrate by dancing and singing. The mouth-watering foods are also being kept so that the children can enjoy it. Some of the items are also being kept in the fair so that people can purchase it.

During the morning time, devotees visit the Gurudwara so that they can pray to the God for the good well-being. The holy scripture of the Sikhism is being placed on the Takhat and then the prayers are being offered. The religious hyms are also being sung so that the God can be happy and can give their blessings to all the devotees. This ritual is being considered to be the symbol of humanity. On this day the rabi crops are being yielded and it is being considered to be the most auspicious day. The Bhangra is being performed on this day so that the festival can be celebrated in the most joyous mood. The unique identity of the Khalsa are:

  1. Kesh, the unshorn hair
  2. Kangha, the wooden comb
  3. Karra, the iron bracelet
  4. Kirpan, the sword
  5. Kaccha, the undergarment

Category: Festival 2015

Created: Saturday, January 24 2015
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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