Exaltation of Planet Mars

The planet Mars is going to get exalted on 28th November 2014 and therefore there will be many changes in the life of an individual belonging to different zodiac signs. The planet gets exalted once in every year and will remain in the zodiac sign of Capricorn till 5th January 2015. The planet Mars is considered to be the commander and therefore it is the action planet in the astrology. All the initiatives and ability to perform actions is governed by the planet Mars. This planet signifies the flow of energy, boldness, blood, landed property, decisiveness and ability of command. The following effects will be there on different zodiac signs.

  1. Aries: – this zodiac sign is already owned by the planet Mars therefore individuals having this zodiac sign will have the fame in the society and will rise up in their position. There will be no negativity that can destroy you as the planet Mars will be guarding you. The enemies will keep the distance from you. It is still advised that you keep cool so that you are not getting excited on any impulse. This year will be the good period for you in order to start for the higher studies and to get involved in the research work. Maintain the friendly relationship with everyone.
  2. Taurus: – the expenditures that you have made will be fruitful for you only when you have planned the things in a better way. You should not be impulsive otherwise you will be in trouble. The versatility and creativity will be at peak so you need to use this talent to get the benefit. You need to drive safely in order to protect yourself. The new investments can be made during this period.
  3. Gemini: – there is going to be some windfall gain in this period. There can be some of the problems to you but everything will be fine as you will be able to fight from it. You need to take care of your communication so that you can succeed. There is going to be some new source of income to you and you need to be ready for it.
  4. Cancer: – during this period there will be some good changes in the professional life which will help you to increase the income. You will have the opportunity to complete all that work that was delayed earlier. You should not be stubborn as this can hamper your success. You will be very decisive and you will have the new partnership in the business that will make your venture to grow and have good benefits.
  5. Leo: – during this period enemies will remain away from you and will also not dare to come near to you. It is advised that when you drive on road you need to maintain the speed in order to protect your life. You will have the leadership quality in you so that you can lead people in a positive way.
  6. Virgo: – during this period the actions and the results will be balanced. This period is the right time for you to prove your talent in front of everybody. You can work into the research field in order to gain more benefit. The spending’s must be done wisely so that you are not in debts.
  7. Libra: – during this period you will have the lot of opportunities to grow in work so that you can maintain your career growth. The issues related to property will be resolved. You will have the family time and the environment will be filled with happiness. The marital relationship will be good and you will enjoy a lot with your partner.
  8. Scorpio: – during this period you are going to be very lucky and all the actions will commensurate with the results that you have. The productivity is going to increase and therefore you are going to enjoy a lot at your workplace.
  9. Sagittarius: – the people who are married and have children for them there will be good opportunities in the studies. The health needs to be cared about so that your health is maintained. You will have the opportunity to spend the quality time with your family.
  10. Capricorn: – you need to care a lot about your mother so that she can be happy because her happiness will give you success in long term. There is going to be recognition for you during this period. There will be changes in the income also.
  11. Aquarius: – during this period you are going to have the linkage with the foreign land due to the profession. You will have the fame and name due to this association. Your personal objectives will be maintained.
  12. Pisces: – during this transition the bank balance is going to increase and you will be able to do more investments. This period is going to be very luck for you. The career life will be maintained.

Created: Saturday, November 22 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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