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However confident and powerful you are but a factual truth is your inner want of staying away from any trouble. You may acquire guts and support to fight adverse situation only if you are aware of it beforehand. To ensure this awareness, astrological predictions are the only way out. The foremost thing a person wants to know is about their well being. Health is one aspect which people want to keep fit and also hope to avoid any problems that may come in the way. Hence to fight this situation, below is the medical horoscope of the following signs.

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2016 will prove to be booming in terms of career and business platform. This success will automatically enhance the health conditions of people belonging to this sun sign. The Sagittarius medical horoscope 2016 states that people will reflect fantastic health and there will be very less expenditure in this arena. However, there are small chances of health hazards. These shall be related to stress level caused by financial weakness in the business only in the first half of the year. Hence chances of mild blood pressure can act as an obstruction in your smooth living. The solution to it is adopting healthy lifestyle. Your daily routine should encompass enough of meditation and physical exercise. Also make sure that you undergo regular medical check up and take proper balanced diet. You should also include enough sleep and have proper meals at proper time.  Undertaking this schedule will avert the possibility of getting mild blood pressure fluctuations. The good news is that these health issues shall prevail only in the first half of the year.  Take out sufficient time for yourself and give priority to your health.


Overview of astrological prediction related to this sign signifies a considerable change in the life of people. Hence, the arena of health will also face a little turmoil. Most of this turmoil shall be caused due to stress and tension that will cascade your life in the year 2016. Capricorn medical horoscope 2016 predicts that people might suffer from blood pressure and cardio vascular problems. There will be enough expenditure on health. Most of the financial drains shall be caused due to health problems. Untimely meals and sleepless nights will be the major cause of blood pressure. This shall also give rise to heart related issues. Hence, to avoid this you need to live healthy. This signifies that you should get proper sleep, have your meals on time and also have proper diet. Your daily regime should also include quiet time which you can get by meditating. Also, try to fit in exercise in your daily routine. Also stay away from stress as that can server to be poisonous to health.  Make sure you undergo regular health checkups so that you can keep an eye on your ailments. Take sedatives or pills for sound sleep and avoid oily food. Healthy lifestyle and self care should be your utmost priority in the year 2016.

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Created: Thursday, July 30 2015
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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