Effects of Rahu and Ketu Transit on Sagittarius Natives

The Rahu and Ketu transit in your zodiac places Rahu in eleventh house and Ketu is fifth house of your horoscope chart. Rahu is will generate benefic results but Ketu is not in favorable position.sagittarius3

The nodes are in Tamamoorthy position, which means they will bestow mixed results to the Sagittarius natives. You will be anxious, as problems related to children will trouble you. You might also get problems associated with pregnancy might trouble you. Stomach disorders will take you to hospital and you might have to spend few days there. Your social status will grow and you will get honor and respect in society. All your ventures will bring you success.

Occasional health problems are not a big issue. Visit to hospital for once or twice in a month will resolve your health problems. There will be happiness in your domestic life due to your patience and re thinking approach. However, the other disturbances will have adverse affect on your partner and he or she might not cooperate with you. You will win over your enemies and success in any court case is foreseen.

Your financial position is strong and income will flow to you. In professional life, you will enjoy a normal period. There might be a chance of transfer or change of residence. There are chances of promotion and salary will be increased. Businesspersons will earn more profits than they did in the previous year. Risk takers will also make profit.

Working women can expect promotions or transfer. The position of students will improve and you can succeed in competitive exams.

Vedic Remedies for Sagittarius Natives

Recite Ketu Stotra daily.

On your birthday, perform the Ganapati Homa.

Respect and take care of father.

Created: Thursday, December 12 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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