Effects of Rahu and Ketu Transit on Pisces Natives

The Rahu and Ketu transit in your zodiac places Rahu in eighth house and Ketu is second house of your horoscope chart. These nodes being at unfavorable position and will not give you favorable results.pisces

The nodes are in lohamoorthy position, which will further increase your problems. You will fall sick frequently. Relatives, opponents, and some friends might back stab you as a result you will lose the money or your property. You may fall prey to bad habits. The family members will cause mental distress.

You need to say cautious in order to avoid accidents or injuries. You will get success in all the ventures. In the health aspect, you need to take care of your parents. Also, be careful about the eye problems as they are expected to show up. Relationship with the life partner will be in trouble.

You level of income will increase and it will compensate the expenditures. You will manage the things well at work front despite of workload. Delay in the promotion and hindrance in the payment will be resolved. Businessmen will get reward for their hard work.

Married women will face difficulties in their married life. Students will do well in the studies.

Vedic Remedial Solution for Pisces Natives:

On Tuesdays, worship Lord Hanuman and offer garland of red roses.

Recite Maa Durga Stotram daily.

Ketu Mantra chanting will also be beneficial.

Created: Sunday, December 15 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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