Effects of Rahu and Ketu Transit on Aquarius Natives

The Rahu and Ketu transit in your zodiac places Rahu in ninth house and Ketu is third house of your horoscope chart. Both these nodes will bestow favorable results to the Aquarius Natives.zodiac_aquarius-navy-300x300

The two nodes are in the Swarnamoorthy position. They will bestow good results to the Aquarius natives. You are likely to get success in all the endeavors and move ahead with courage. However, do not get careless or arrogant as it may cause humiliation and bring danger. Enemies will stay behind. Your financial position also looks promising. Holidays are foreseen and you may spend some time at any distant place.

You will visit hospital due to your lifestyle and food habits that might create some problem for you. Journeys will be fruitless but you won’t be able to avoid them either. This time there will be mixed results in your gameilizative.net domestic life too. Married life will be good unless you do not leave behind your wife and go away for work. Change in the residence may likely to occur. You need to take care of your mother’s health. There will be minor disputes with your siblings, which may lead into partition of house.

Career wise this time is great. You will get good job and promotion. Money flow in good amount and you will have strong financial condition. In the work front, you can get promotion and transfer. Executives will have great gain and may face loss too.

For women workers this period of Rahu Ketu transit is highly beneficial. You might get transferred to other branch or to some other place. Education prospects for students will be good.

Vedic Remedial Solution for Aquarius Natives:

Recite Ketu Stotra daily.

On your birthday, perform the Ganapati Homa.

Respect and take care of father.

Created: Saturday, December 14 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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