Effects of Mercury Transit in Sagittarius

Mercury is transiting from Scorpio to Sagittarius. It is generally seen that when Mercury transits from Scorpio to Sagittarius it increases the misunderstanding between people.

Lets us view the impact of this transit in brief on all the zodiacs –

Aries – You will get the support from your friends and well-wishers. You will get the success in competition. Journeys will be fruitful and you are likely to make beneficial deal that will increase your income. Social status will also rise.

Taurus – Your expenditure will rise. The opponents will create problems in your life. It is better to keep your enemies under control. You might get involved in any unwanted work.  Avoid the unnecessary journeys.

Gemini – You will get love and support from the loved ones. Success in the business is also foreseen. There are chances of a memorable journey. Family life will also cherish. This time is supportive in terms of love and relationship.

Cancer – You will feel happy and contained during this time. Some auspicious event may take place in your family. You will spend the money on entertainment. Professional skills will also improve.

Leo – Your hard work will bring you appreciation. Your efforts will give you fruitful results. Your will also get support from the siblings. Positive outcomes from the job or business are also foreseen.

Virgo – This time is good in terms of monetary situations. Family members behavior will change and your will receive love and care from them. You will influence people by your thoughts.

Libra – You will get good results based on your talent and ability. Health will remain good and domestic life will be satisfied.

Scorpio – The expenditures are likely to rise this month. Your anxiety will give you worry. The family environment will incompatible. You will take interest in spirituality.

Sagittarius – This transit will improve your business. You will make new friends and will get support from the well-wishers. The love relations will also improve and you might go on long journeys too.

Capricorn – Family environment will be supportive. Your relationships personal as well as professional will improve. There are chances of expansion in the business.

Aquarius – Your fame and social repute will rise. Travelling will give you positive results. You will perform well in business. There are chances of profits.

Pisces – You need to control your instincts to get money with minimum efforts. There are chances of controversy. Travelling must be avoided. Take care of health.

Created: Friday, December 20 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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